Why Do We Sleep – Psychology

Why Do We Sleep - Psychology

Why Do We Sleep: We spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping. We spend approx 20 to 25 years sleeping Because an average Indian has 60 to 65 years of lifespan. We all know that Sleep is really very important for us Physically as well as Psychologically. We are also aware of how much time we should sleep, we know that having enough 8 hours sleep is mandatory because it helps us physically as well as psychologically but do you ever think that why do we sleep? What’s the reason and theory behind sleep?

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There are many theories about a sleeping pattern. There are many speculations and thoughts related to sleep since the time of Greek philosophers but recently many scientists and researchers have developed various ways to study sleep in a systematic and objective way, The new technology is known as Electroencephalograph (EEG) Has allowed researchers and scientists to measure and look electric pattern and activities produced by sleeping brain. With the new research, almost all researchers agree that yes sleep has psychological as well as physical benefits, and it also proves that yes sleep plays a very important role in health and wellbeing.

Several theories have emerged related to why do we sleep:

A) Repair and Restoration Theory

As per Repair and Restoration theory sleep is important because it helps to revitalize and restore the psychological process that keeps the body and mind healthy and helps it to perform properly, This theory also says that NREM sleep is important for restoring psychological functioning and REM Sleep is important restoring mental function

B) Evolutionary Theory of Sleep

This is one of the earliest theories also known as an Adaptive theory, this theory Suggest that period of activity and inactivity evolved as a means of conserving energy.

C) Information Consolidation Theory

This theory is based on a cognitive research which says that people sleep in order to process information that they acquire during the daytime.

D) Brain Plasticity Theory

This is the very recent theory emerged by scientists to understand and deprive why do we sleep, and this theory talks about that the reason we sleep is that sleep is correlated to the changes in the structure and in the organization of the brain, however, these theories are not still completely proven.

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These are 4 the theories on Why Do We Sleep. Now let’s see “Why Do We Sleep – Psychology”.

Why Do We Sleep – Psychology

As per new research about why do we sleep psychologically, during initial stages of sleep, energy level increase dramatically that are active when we are awake, in the latest research scientists believe that this surge of cellular energy maybe replenishes the brain’s processes that we need to function normally during a daytime,

Energy refers to ATP (ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE), it is our body’s chief energy molecule, Adenosine has the number of characteristics that make it an ideal candidate to act on one of the hypogenic substances, adenosine concentration is higher in the brain during the waking period than a sleeping period and it increases during the extended period of wakefulness.

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Psychological Benefits of Sleep

1) Improves Memory

Our brain surprisingly stays busy when we sleep, during sleep we can strengthen our memories and can practice skills which you have learned during daytime (this process is known as consolidation).

2) Healthy Life

Having a proper 8-hour sleep gives you a healthy life, it keeps you fit and healthy mentally as well as physically,  we should have proper sleep, not more nor less, because both less and an extra hour sleep can have negative effects on our body, we can get ill, or can go through insomnia or sleep diseases.

3) Keeps you away from Heart Diseases

People who take enough 8 hour sleeps usually are safe from heart diseases, strokes, and high blood pressure, research proves that people who take less sleep have more chances of facing heart diseases, strokes and high blood pressure.

4) Keeps you Energetic

You must have noticed that when you sleep less your brain starts feeling heavy you feel nausea and when you sleep more you feel more tired all this happens because of improper sleep, whereas people who take proper 8 hours sleep always feel fresh and look energetic, your proper sleep has impact on your emotions, moods, and feelings.

5) Keeps you at Peace

when you sleep, your brain clear all the junk which your brain has gathered during the daytime, sleep gives you mental peace and make your brain ready for next day struggle and work, sleep reduces stress and also help you to deal with situations more properly, sleep is really very necessary for our body and brain, Without proper sleep our body and mind will not work at its high level, and people who spend few nights without sleeping reduces their lifespan, hence always have proper sleep because sleep in mandatory physically as well as psychologically.

Most Common Side Effects of Lack of Sleep

a) Affects your brain growth
b) Affects your creativity
c) Affects your short and long-term memory
d) Your focus decreases
e) Attention and concentration problem starts
f) You start facing health issues, go through insomnia
g) Affects your brain cell, research proves that lack of sleep can be the reason of dying brain cells.

These were some side effects of lack of sleep, hence have proper 8 hours sleep, theories and research are still not proven completely but still we know that yes sleep is really very mandatory for our physical health and also for our psychological health, hence never compromise in your 8 to 9 hours sleep, because having proper sleep has a lot of benefits.

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