What Is Pomodoro Technique

What Is Pomodoro Technique

What Is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. Francesco Cirilo was a developer, entrepreneur, and Author. He Named the system “Pomodoro” after the tomato-shaped timer he used to track his work as a university studen., The Technique or Methodology is very simple, Whenever you faced a very large task or the series of task, break them shortly, means break the work down into short-Time Intervals Known as Pomodoro Technique. The Technique is spaced by the short breaks. This Method or Technique trains your brain to focus for short periods and helps you to stay at the top of the deadlines, and This Technique with time also helps you to improve your attention span and concentration.

In Pomodoro technique, you work on a short time span. This makes sure that you are consistently Productive and it will also give you regular breaks, which makes sure to keep your motivation and creativity at the peek. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. These intervals are named Pomodoros.

The technique has been widely popularized by dozens of apps and websites providing timers and instructions.

How Does the Pomodoro Technique boost your productivity?

As I Said Earlier Each 25 minute work Period Is Known as Pomodoro, Such Frequent Breaks keeps your mind Focused and Fresh, Promodoro Officials says that system is very easy to use and can see the results quickly.

If you have a large work list or various projects on the list, Pomodoro Technique Helps you to start the Projects faster by forcing you to stick to the strict timings.

The Constant Timings of your activities will keep you accountable for your task and reduces the time which you use for Procrastination. Pomodoro Technique helps you to manage your workload properly.

Six Steps in the original Pomodoro technique:

1) Decide the task which needs to be done

2) Set The Pomodoro Timer(As I said above those 25 minute time interval is Pomodoro Timer)

3) As you set the time start working on the task

4) End the work as the timer rings and put a checkmark on the piece of paper

5) If you have fewer than 4 checkmarks, then take a 3-4 minute break and then again follow the second point (set the Pomodoro timer),

6) You are allowed to take a long break only after completion of 4 checkmarks, take a longer break (15–30 minutes), reset your checkmark count to zero, then go to step 1.

In a Long Break, you must do something which refreshes your mind and makes you feel recharged and ready to start another 25-minute session.

Understand the Pomodoro Technique:

You must know that the Pomodoro Technique is an Indivisible technique, Means that if you are following the Pomodoro Technique then you need to pay undivided attention to it, and while following your Pomodoro Technique if you face any distraction by your coworkers, meetings or emergency, then you have to stop your Pomodoro there, or you have to postpone the distraction until you are done with Pomodoro or until Pomodoro gets completed.

Francisco Says that If you can Do it Latter, then for that He suggest you INFORM, NEGOTIATE, AND CALL BACK METHOD.

a) Inform: here you need to inform the other(distracting) party that you are doing someone or you are on some important work right now.

b) Negotiate:  here you need to negotiate the time when you can get back to the distracting issue in a timely manner.

c) Schedule that follow-up immediately

d) Call back: go or call the other party when you are done with Pomodoro and ready to meet the other party and ready to deal with the issue.

See Here it’s you who needs to understand, that what distraction needs your immediate attention, means not every distraction are simple, some distraction needs immediate attention, hence it’s you who needs to understand what can be kept on hold and what needs to be handled quickly, Learn to understand what is the most important work at that point in time.

Benefits of the Pomodoro Technique:

There are various improvements you can notice if you follow the Pomodoro Technique Properly and it would be best if you make it your daily working habit.

Some of the Benefits of Pomodoro Technique is:

1. Increases Productivity. Improves the quality and quantity of work.

2. Improves time management.

3. Strengthened focus and motivation.

4. It improves the ability to stay fresh throughout your Workday.

Easy ways to Follow the Six Pomodoro Technique:

1) PLAN- Remove 5 minutes and plan your day, which task needs to be done and how many sessions do they require.

2) Focus: If any distraction occurs in your work or while working then it will take more then half an hour to get back to your work, hence it is very important to shut down all your distractions, and the major distraction nowadays in cellphones, hence while working keep your mobile phones aside and start working.

3) Start: as you know your work, now choose the first task and set a Pomodoro means 25-minute timer, You will notice there is no pause button. This is your motivation to deal with interruptions effectively.

4) Short break: when you complete your 25-minute work then checkmark it on the piece of paper and take a short break, the short break must be for maximum  5 minutes, not more than that.

5) Repeat: you need to repeat Pomodoro round for 4 times, usually Pomodoro is for 4 sessions, By following these patterns you will build good habits. At the start of each new session select a task to work on and focus all your energy into your session

6) Long break: you are allowed to take a long break only after having more than 4 checkmarks on the piece of paper if you have fewer than 4 then has to take short breaks, long breaks are of 30 minutes, do things which recharge you and your mind.

Tools for Pomodoro Technique?

The creator and his proponents encourage a low-tech approach, using a mechanical timer, paper, and pencil. The physical act of winding the timer confirms the user’s determination to start the task; ticking externalizes desire to complete the task; ringing announces a break. Flow and focus become associated with these physical stimuli.

If you facing these issues, Then Pomodoro Is For you:

1) Less time in a day

2) Faces too many distractions while working

3) Fail to finish any work at the given deadline

4) Always stay low, feels tired and demotivated or uninspired.

5) Fail to balance work and life.

This Pomodoro Technique is not only for people who work, but it can also be used by everyone, Even students can use it, it helps students to focus on their studies, Pomodoro Technique is very popular with students, workers, employees, freelancers, and consultants.

Thank You.


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