Disciplines Which Will Keep You Positive

Disciplines Which Will Keep You Positive

Maintain a healthy body by following a proper diet and sleep schedule. Nourish the soul through practices such as prayer, meditation, or yoga for a few minutes daily, based on individual belief systems.

Prepare for Monday by focusing on opportunities and a positive mindset. Recognize the value of each day, and get adequate rest to wake up early and energized.

Experience the beauty of nature, go for a walk, observe the surroundings, and do exercises to feel energized and start Monday with positivity and excitement.

Have a healthy breakfast after exercise, avoiding sugary, caffeinated, and junk foods to maintain productivity and avoid tiredness. Limit distractions by refraining from phone and social media until after breakfast, and prioritize important emails and calls.

Find motivation before work by listening to energetic music or reading/listening/watching motivational material to boost energy levels and perform one's best without feeling depressed or sad.