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Attract People in 90 Second

If you give your right impression within 3 or 4 seconds of meeting someone So this will make you look trustworthy, sincere and safe Which is really very important to create a RAPPORT.

It means to have an open attitude and body language, not a closed one, For Example, If you are talking to someone by folding your hand or standing/sitting by taking less space Then all these examples are for closed body language.

Maintaining appropriate eye contact shows confidence and interest, while avoiding eye contact can indicate nervousness, lying, or disinterest. However, maintaining eye contact constantly can be uncomfortable or inappropriate. So, use it as per the situation to avoid any awkwardness.

Start a conversation with a greeting and good tone. Introduce yourself nicely to encourage the other person to do the same. This can help expand the conversation and avoid awkwardness.

Slightly lean forward while talking to show interest and comfort, but avoid doing so excessively with the opposite sex to prevent looking needy or desperate.