tips to stay positive

6 Useful Tips To Stay Positive

6 Useful Tips To Stay Positive:

1. Remember you are blessed with a human body
2. What is ‘extra’ in your life?
3. How does your existence matter?
4. How does it affect your routine?
5. The Power of Thinking Positive
6. Positivity Brings Success

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What is Positivity?

Useful Tips To Stay Positive: Positivity is not a hard word to understand or implement. It’s just a choice one makes to make life livable and enjoyable. That’s it. It is just a matter of choice. What to think? What to do? How to react? If you think, do and react in such a manner that generates positive atmosphere inside and outside you then ship has sailed, you have learnt to be positive.

Every one of us knows about the motivational story of ‘half-filled glass’ but do we really look the filled portion of the glass? Here I have some tips for you to stay positive.

Let’s begin with tips to stay positive in more details:

1. Remember you are blessed with a human body.

You are a human being and that is the blessing in itself. There are creatures out there who born and die unnoticeable. Without family or friends! They are not provided sensibility as much as we are. We can use all our senses to enjoy life. Each human being is blessed with a form that enables him to conquer the world with positive energy.

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2. What is ‘extra’ in your life?

Ponder over what have you provided with? How provision has blessed you in a different way than others?

You might be having great mother or brother. Your wife might be as supportive as your friends. You might have got good voice or command over a musical instrument. You might look good that you are too difficult to ignore. Your speech can be impressive. Your sense of humor can delight people around you.

If none of the above then also it’s okay because even if you are provided a whole human body, without any challenges then you are given something worth to enjoy. Not everybody has blessed with eyes and arms.
Be positive about that particular thing which has added more meaning to your life.

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3. How does your existence matter?

Our lives matter a lot. We are given birth to do something amazing otherwise Almighty might not have sent us on earth and especially in human form. We have a role to play. There should be full energy in our performance. We have got to be really enchanting in our acts. Imagine that you are an actor and God or the Supreme Energy is clapping for your performance… does it feel well? Of course yes! Just remember that you are the best creation of the universe. This very thought will recharge you with positivity.

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4. How does it affect your routine?

Implanting positivity will make your daily life easier in many ways. You will find the lesser obstacle in your routine.

For example, with a positive and fresh state of mind, you will not forget to hand your car key in key stand. You will put out the light when you move out of the room. These little-little things matter a lot in life.

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5. The Power of Thinking Positive

Power of thinking Positive will lead you to these:

  1. Less gossip and more action
  2. Eliminates the time-wasting and makes more constructive
  3. Makes the creativity flourish
  4. Brings optimism and faith in the entire system of ‘Being’
  5. Stops the obstacles and even if they come, positive approach will diminish it in no time.
  6. Makes the efforts more constructive
  7. It expects success than failure
  8. Even if failure comes, it enables the mind to understand the failure and learn from it
  9. It activates that energy which connects you and the Divinity
  10. It turns your life into a celebration and people around you will adore you for your extremely affirmative approach to life

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6. Positivity Brings Success

Being and staying positive is not a trait of highly rich and successful people. But it is surely one of the most important traits of them. Successful people don’t just think positive but they visualize their dream coming true. They foresee themselves as champion in whatsoever fields they are.

Visualize the life you want live. Visualize your desires coming true. It has power in it. Let the ‘law of attraction’ work hand in hand with your hard work and dedication.

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These are the 6 tips to stay positive. If you like this post please comment to let us know your thought also share the post and make everyone positive.

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  1. Good thoughts bro. I have learnt and implementing many things form you. I am also going to create a channel in Kannada first. And then I will extend it to hindi and English. As I am new to this if you have any tips about channel improvements, editing videos, how to share my knowledge in a effective manner, then plz mail me whole things. AS I am coming from village area I know less technical knowledge. Plz help me if you can or suggest me a book which includes all the knowledge. Thanking in anticipation. MAHESH KADAPURE

  2. Seeken.I really love u r positive attitude.but thing is if I have failed many times then is it possible to be positive and motivated.

  3. your blog boost us with positive energy. you and your team is doing well. thanks for your effort. keep doing it.

  4. All I can say is that we can’t do each and everything, but we can surely do many things. So it is our duty to do those things which we can. This is how we can bring a positive revolution in our lives.