5 Reasons Why Thinking Big Can Change Your Life

Not all the big things in life need to be expensive. In fact, some of them can be as simple as changing your mindset. If you are thinking small, chances are you will achieve small results. In this blog, I will tell you how thinking big can change your life. We will understand this through real-life stories so you can relate to them.

The Story Of Moon

20th July 1969 was a special day in human history. Do you know why? Because, as a human species, we achieved a very special thing. At that time, we achieved such a thing on which the world had eyes.

This was the day two humans, by leaving earth, went to the moon. They placed their feet on Moon. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when landed on the moon and were trying to open the gate of the lunar module. There was extreme pressure.

Due to this, they were facing problems in opening the doors. But finally, the door opened.

In history, Neil Armstrong was the first to put his feet on the moon. Do you know how this mission was made possible?

There was a reason behind it, and the war was occurring between America and the Soviet Union. At that time, a cold war was going on between both countries.

Who will go into space first? And you can say the Soviet Union got the first to win.

When they launched their first artificial satellite, Sputnik, it became the first country to establish its narrative in space.

In 1958, America also launched its first satellite, put into space. And after three years, in 1961, the Soviet astronauts became the first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, to enter space by leaving earth’s orbit.

And after a week, US President John F. Kennedy said by writing a message to his Vice President, why are we behind in the space program? What’s the thing which is stopping us? We also have good equipment, have good and intelligent people. We also should do something big, and let’s put a man on the moon.

And then he said, ‘Man shall put his foot on the moon, and our country will be the first to do so.

After that 25th May 1961, he gave his famous speech, publicly announcing that we were taking a big mission, and we will take a man to the moon. And not just that, we will bring them back also.

You know, the mobile phone we are using is 1 million times more powerful than the computer and technology available at that time.

Those computers were extremely slow and had basic functionality. That computer had 32,768 bits of RAM.

While if we talk about 4GB RAM, it equals 32,768 bits of RAM. 72KB ROM, which is nothing compared to today. But still, with the help of this technology, with this RAM and ROM, and by doing many things, they took humans to the Moon! And made this mission successful!

Do you know the reason behind it? How were they able to do this?

Because one person thought big, John F. Kennedy, said to Vice President that we should think big. What is stopping us from thinking big? And this is an important lesson.

Unless we think big, we won’t be able to do those things. David Schwartz, the author of ‘The magic of thing big,’ says the size of your bank account is directly related to your thinking.

The big you can think, the big you can achieve. And it has been proved by many people in history.

So, it’s very important to think big to do great things. But how can you think big?

Author answers to this. I will share 5 reasons why thinking big can change your life entirely because of what you believe we will become. We will not just look at the theoretical part, I will also give you real-life examples so that you can better understand them and relate it with your life.

Thinking Big Makes It Possible

A person named Ben Schwartz did an exercise in his class. He asked his students a question, thinking about how we can eradicate this present system. As soon as he asked this question, students got confused.

They started arguing. That it can’t happen, it’s not possible. Maximum people thought that it couldn’t be possible. But then he asked students to be calm.

He said at least start thinking. Start flowing creative ideas of your brain. Remember, our mind is like a parachute! It won’t open unless we jump, use it, or open it.

Then students started thinking gradually. They came up with many great ideas by collaborating with each other, which were practical in actuality.

You know, there is a country where there is no prison. And along with it, old prisons are being closed. Because they made a revolutionary system, that country is the Netherlands. If you search, you’ll come to know.

Similarly, when Elon Musk started his company SpaceX, everyone used to call him mad because, at that time, there was hardly any private company related to space.

There were only government organizations like NASA, which used to launch big projects like satellites. But Elon Musk stayed persistent. And today, you know, SpaceX has become a grand reality.

So, the author says this in the first lesson. Stretch your mind to think big. It doesn’t mean that you start having big dreams now.

Start having dreams like Elon Musk. No! You can dream big according to your life also. Such as, for a rickshaw driver, getting his son the best education is also a big dream.

Dream of making a bungalow instead of buying a flat? This is also great. So, according to your life, start thinking big according to your circumstances.

2. Progress Happen Step By Step

There was an author named Eric Severaid. He was also a member of Reader Digest. A very bad accident happened to them in world war 2! When such situations come, he had to jump from the chopper with his friends into the forest. That forest was in between Myanmar and India border.

As soon as they jumped, he knew rescue teams could take weeks to reach them. Till then, they can die, also. So, they made a big decision. They decided that, for now, august rain is going on, and summer also. But still, they will do a track of 140 miles, which they should do if they have to increase their chances of survival.

This thing was very difficult for them. Why? Because on the first day, they knew completing 140 miles would be very difficult. They didn’t have enough food or anything. Many were wounded too! But still, they started doing it.

You know, what they were used to do, they just used to keep in mind, for now, I’ll go from this tree to that tree. When they reached that tree, they used to say, ‘I’ll go from this tree to that rock’. Or ‘I’ll walk for just a mile.

And moving forward like this slowly, doing one mile and stopping, they completed the journey of 100 miles.

And there is a quote related to this,

‘A journey of thousand miles begins with one step’.

When he thought about SpaceX at the start, Elon Musk didn’t think that, and he did not think they would make homes on Mars.

No! He thought at least they would go to Mars, grow plants on Mars, and make chambers to take a good picture. And moving forward, such a time came NASA started giving them big contracts.

Due to this, many things seem possible now which were impossible before. Today, the net valuation of SpaceX is more than $127 billion.

Similarly, Tesla, people didn’t think on the first day that they would make such cars that everyone could afford. No! Yes, it may be in their vision. But their small goals were to make luxury cars first. First, let’s serve rich people, earn a profit, and then we’ll make such cars that can become affordable.

The second step is ‘Have a vision but to complete that big vision, start taking small steps. Set small goals, and after taking such small actions, you complete them.

3. Believe You Can Do Big Things

Imagine someone catches you and locks you in a box! And he says to you, ‘no matter how much you try, you won’t be able to come out of this box’. To survive, I’ll keep giving you food and everything essential for survival, but you can’t come out of this box.

What will happen if you believe that person can’t come out of that box? You’ll try a little, or maybe you won’t and will give up! Because you’ll think that life is going on! But instead of believing that person, you start feeling that you can get out of that box.

You have to do something innovative. If you start thinking like this, maybe you start breaking that box or asking those people questions, checking the width of walls, and negotiating with that person.

Only after that will you do something which will increase your probability of coming out! Now, you tell me, which approach is better? Sitting and saying that nothing great can be done, or at least trying, that great things can be done and get out of the box. Obviously, the second option is better.

Trying is important, and believing in ourselves is essential to do great things. Because when we think, we’ll be able to take action, and when we’ll take action, our dreams will become a reality. And this thing happens to many people.

We’re not able to believe that we also can do that thing. Can we also become YouTubers? Can we also become creators? Can we earn money online? Can we also create businesses and become millionaires and billionaires? It just can’t be done for us! But the author says, gradually, you start believing that you can do such things, then many impossible things will become possible.

Trust me. This thing has also happened to me. First, I also used to think becoming YouTuber and earning money online only special people could do. A general person like me can’t do this. But trust me, when I started believing that I could do it, I started taking action, and from there, my whole life started changing.

So, the third important lesson is ‘Believe in yourself.

4. Network

You’ll understand well through a story. There is a rabbit who is eating carrots while sitting in the forest. Then a fox comes there, And asks him, ‘aren’t you afraid that you’re eating carrots so freely, anyone can kill you quickly! Wait, let me kill you! As soon as the fox says this, the rabbit says to him, ‘you can’t kill me.

You don’t have such power; if you have power, come with me in that cave; we’ll fight there. And let’s see who wins. And that fox gets angry! And he thinks, how can such a tiny rabbit challenge me? And goes with him to that cave. After some time, that rabbit comes with that fox’s bones.

After which that rabbit starts eating carrots, sitting in the forest. Then the hyena comes there! And then he also says the same thing to the rabbit. And says, let me eat you! Again, the rabbit says to him, see, you think you can kill me, but you can’t kill me. If you have power, come in that cave with me, and fight there. I’ll make you lose. That hyena also goes there in confidence.

After some time, that rabbit comes with that hyena’s bones.

While all this is going on, there is one rabbit also there who is watching all these things. He asks that rabbit, how are you able to do this? Those animals who can kill you quickly, how are you able to kill them in a cave?

The rabbit tells him, the thing is that a lion is hiding in that cave! Lion and I have cracked a deal, and lion knows I don’t have that much meat to fill his stomach. So, I’ve cracked a contract with him, I will bring him hunting, and in return, he’ll protect me!

Rabbit focused on two things, the first clever work, and the other one is network.

He is a small animal, but he befriended the very powerful animal. And this is lesson no. Fourth, if you keep standing on the giant’s shoulders, you’ll be able to see far away! Basically, if you start living with great people and network with them, this thing will make you so powerful!

Now, how can you build a network?

If you do these seven things well, you’ll become likable and do networking well! What are those seven things?

#1. One is to remember people’s names!

#2. Introduce yourself to the right people!

Most people hesitate while introducing themselves, but you shouldn’t do this!

#3. Appreciating and complimenting people genuinely!

#4. Dress well!

#5. Be a good listener! Instead of speaking, learn to listen!

#6. Maintain eye contact!

#7. Talk about common interests! Start talking about common similarities.

You’ll have fought if you talk about differences, but likability will increase if you talk about similarities.

5. Do More, Not Less {But Take Time To Think}

The year 1999 was a very bad year for Amitabh Bacchan. Everything that was happening was terrible with him! His multiple companies had gone bankrupt! His bank account went almost zero! He didn’t understand what he should do!

Dhirubhai Ambani came to know about this! Then he told Anil and Mukesh Ambani that this person was very tense, and you should help him by giving him money! He said we should give them loans to pay off his loans and debt.

But when he put this offer in front of Amitabh Ji, he politely refused to take that money! After which, he started working again, without giving up! And guess what? After this, he did KBC, and it became a big hit! After which, in a few years, he paid off his loans. This thing was quite impressive. So, Dhirubhai Ambani invited him to the party, where he sat with many finance experts.

He called Amitabh in and said in front of all that this kid had fallen, but he stood again by working hard. And we should be like this! When Amitabh Bacchan listened to this, his eyes watered! And this is true! And you see, despite being 80 years old, is very hard-working. He always keeps working and keeps doing something!

He always keeps testing himself! And keeps changing himself according to the time! He doesn’t keep sitting! If he wanted, like many others, he would think that I only want to be a hero. No, but he guessed his time was moving forward, and he should try new roles and things, which he kept doing!

He never stopped! He always kept taking action! This thing is very important! Always doing something! People walking on the road also talk about big things, but real ones are those who take action and produce results by taking action! And this thing is very important! No matter how big you think, No matter how big plans you make, unless you take actions, unless you take moments,

till then you won’t be able to do anything! So, it’s essential that you take action! Instead of doing timepass, start working on your life.

And this is the last lesson, which is quite essential.

You have to do this by thinking well! You don’t have to do it blindly! You should take action wisely according to time! These were some essential things from the book ‘The magic of thinking big.

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