How To Be More Productive In Your Life

How To Be More Productive In Your Life

How To Be More Productive In Your Life?

Many times I have heard people say that try to be productive in your life. But all their efforts go in vain because of their procrastination because of their laziness. Before going to sleep many people decide a lot of things. They make a plan in their mind about what all things they need to finish by tomorrow but as next day arrive. All their motivation, energy level goes down because of some reasons they don’t act as per their plan. Because of their procrastination, their productivity level goes down. People know that they have plenty of work left, they have many important works which needs to be done as soon as possible, they know that they have big luggage of pending work but still all this doesn’t stop them from doing nothing.

People only think about productive work life but our life is not only about work. We have a personal life as well, hence we shouldn’t only focus on productive work life, but we should think about productive life. We should have productivity in all aspects of our lives, whether it’s personal or professional. Don’t only think about productive weak days but think about productive weekends as well. You should be productive at every level of your life. You should be productive in your hobby, work, study and in every aspect of your life.

Here I am not saying that enjoying life doesn’t come under productivity. You need to plan your days properly and working as per your priority and plans will make your day and life productive. We should understand the importance of productive life. productive life not only gives us success but also makes our life easy and happy.

As you all know that in order to achieve anything, In order to do anything implementation is a must, taking actions will take you ahead, sitting and just assuming and thinking won’t help. Implementation and taking actions will make you more productive will make your life easy. Sitting and thinking that one day suddenly you will become productive then this will never happen, for example you smoke daily on a regular basis and feel one day suddenly you will stop that bad habit, then this won’t happen, because whatever thing you do on a daily basis becomes your habit, and changing habit isn’t a day job.

You need regular practice in order to replace your bad habit with a good one, similarly, Not being productive in your life has become your habit and in order to change that lack of productivity habit you need to replace it, and replacement requires action, regular action. Hence always understand that your life will become smooth, easy and productive only when you take proper actions regularly.

How you can become more productive in your life, hence for answering this question I will share few points and tips which will for sure help you to be more productive in your life if you implement it daily.

1. Make a plan, don’t just think

I always make a list, I make a priority chart which reminds me about my commitment and promise, before going to sleep I first make a plan for next day and that plan works as a reminder for me, we usually plan things in our mind, but as next day comes, all plan gets vanish, we forget what we had planned hence its best to plan on paper, and work as per that plan, write your plan as per your priority, always write important task first, always try to finish your difficult task first, finishing difficult thing first will make your day easy and stress free.

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2. Rewards trigger you

After preparing list or chart finish task as per the list, tick the work which gets completed, before going to bed, check your list, if you find that you have completed entire work as per plan then do give a reward to yourself, when you give yourself a reward your mind will feel pleasure and happiness and that pleasure will trigger your mind and your mind will get motivated and this motivation will help you for your next day work.

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3. Remember you are human

Never force yourself with extra work, you need a break, and in that break time give your brain and your body some peace and relaxation, don’t think much, just enjoy that me time, this will keep your body and mind peaceful and relax which will help you to become more focused, remember you need to plan your breaks as well, you can’t take break as per your mood, you need to plan it, for example I will go for 10 minutes break only after reading 1 chapter, or I will take 10 minutes break only after completing my 1/4th assignment or project, this will help you to become more productive.

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4. Don’t waste it

Don’t waste your time on things which are not that important, many a times people waste their time and energy on things which aren’t that important, for example many a times student keep on reading or practicing same math solution which they already know or they keep on revising the same chapter which they find it easy, by doing this they just waste their time and energy, hence try to finish difficult work first and don’t waste  your time and energy on things which aren’t that important which can be done later.

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5. Want to be productive then leave it

If you want to be more productive in every aspect of your life, then stay in the moment, means when  you are working then avoid distractions don’t use your cell phones, today’s generation productivity level is very low because their focused is mainly on their cell phones, if you want to be productive then you need to avoid distraction, because distraction free work gives more productive results and outcome for example when you plan your chart in that list mention when you will avoid cell phone and when you can use them and follow it properly and strictly.

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6. Be strict but don’t force

Here you need to be strict with your list means you need to check your list before you go to bed, and if you find that you haven’t worked as per your plan then punish yourself, like don’t allow yourself to have your favorite food or don’t go for a movie or don’t enjoy your day with friends, if you work as per your plan then give yourself a treat,  here you need to be strict with your list, you don’t need to force yourself with extra work, plan as per your capability and strength, for example plan you will study only 2 chapter in a day, if by chance you complete two chapters fast then don’t try to read more chapters, stick to your plan and give yourself some break and revise that two chapters, don’t force with extra work because your brain needs peace and relaxation time.

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7. Make it a good habit

Working as per your plan and taking as per your plan make it your habit, follow your plan regularly this regular actions will become your habit, this habit will make you productive because once habit gets formed you can’t stay without it, if you spend your day without a plan than this thing will make your brain feel as if something is missing, hence in order to make planning your habit, you need to do it regularly, Planning your day is a good habit which helps you to stay productive.

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8. Plan your weekends

Who says that we need only productive weekdays, we should plan our weekends as well, productivity not only means work, it means enjoyment as well, you should give yourself some enjoyment time as well, hence should plan your weekend outings like will go for a movie or will hang out with friends then will have proper dinner etc., and remember to prepare your weekend plan in weekdays this will energize your mind and will keep you motivated during your weekdays.

It’s ok to spend a day lying on the sofa and doing nothing, but it’s not ok to make it a daily habit, hence you need to plan your days and should work as per plan, this thing will keep you motivated and energetic which is really very important for productive life.

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9. Be open to yourself

Sometimes we fail to go as per our plan, sometimes things don’t work the way we wanted or we had hoped for, sometimes task which we had planned to finish in a day comes out to be really very difficult and requires lot more days or time, hence instead of getting frustrated, be true and open to yourself, tell yourself that this task isn’t impossible it’s just that it requires few more days or some more time, and just after saying this relax yourself and then plan your task more accurately and properly and then follow it. In order to be productive, you need to be open and truthful to yourself, this will keep you out of frustration and help you to become more productive.

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10. Keep it in front of you

Once you plan your schedule keep that schedule in front of you, means it should be so close to you that whenever you wake up, it should remind you about your goals, for example put it near your bed, or set a notification on your cell phone, or stick it in your wall, keep it at such place from where you can easily notice it, and also tell someone about your goals, to a person who is very close to you on whom you can trust that yes this person will remind me about my goals and schedule, this thing will also help you to become more productive in your life.

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Do share and comment and let us know your tricks which makes your productive in your life.

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