Mental Benefits of Yoga

Mental Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is derived from the word “Yuji” means Union. Yoga is an ancient practice; which is there amongst us since more than 5000 years. Yoga brings mind and body together. Expert Practitioners and hardcore Yoga Practitioners have been teaching the mental and physical benefits of Yoga. Yoga Practice provides many Mental and Physical Benefits. Yoga offers improved circulation, flexibility, strength, respiration, energy etc. while some exercises are only beneficial for physical health. However, Yoga is Unique. Yoga Practice is Beneficial for both; mental as well as for Physical health.

Yoga and mental health have an admirable link. Yoga not only provides preventative mental and physical benefits but it also teaches breathing awareness-along with the varieties of breathing techniques which help Yoga goers and doers to maintain energy, strength, and relieves stress. Yoga Improves mood, reduces stress, anxiety etc. There are many mental diseases which can be cured with the help of Yoga Practice.

Yoga teacher and licensed psychotherapist- Ashley Turner says -‘Yoga is the key to psychological and emotional healing as well as resolving issues with self-confidence, relationships, and more.

Further, Turner says That Yoga is a Psychology- The whole practice of Yoga helps us to work with the nature of our mind, the nature of being human, how emotions live in our body and how does it affects our mind and behavior.

Yoga practice is for all ages, abilities and fitness level. A person who is a consistent Yoga Practitioner is for sure more flexible and has more mental strength compare to a non-Practitioner. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the benefits of Yoga. Few breathing techniques can make you feel calm, relaxed, present, and mindful. Yoga can also be helpful in your difficult time; it can be helpful for moving through difficult periods in your life.

Yoga Benefits people who suffer through depressions, anxiety, lower life satisfaction, stress, and high level of biological markers for inflammation. The study has proved that few minutes of yoga practice has resulted in reducing markers of inflammation in adults. It has reduced depression and anxiety problems and also helped people to remain in the present moment.

There is no doubt and it is very clear that mind and body practices, like yoga, meditation, deep breathing are very beneficial to reduce stress, anxiety, depression etc. Yoga and other mind-body practices able’s to show such great positive response amongst people because of the relaxation response, It is Relaxation response that accompanies these mind and body practices that lead to the many improvements to physical and mental health.

There are several Mental Benefits of Yoga:

1)  Improves Concentration and Focus

Yoga practice and it’s every pose and techniques improve brain functions. If your focus and concentration level is low then yoga can be very beneficial. Certain yoga techniques have been used to stimulate the brain and nervous system.  Thus, practicing yoga can be very beneficial for your concentration and focus.

2) Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Almost every health problems and mental problems start with stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety take a mental and physical toll on the body; frustration, nervousness, and worry arise due to stress and anxiety which eventually leads to high blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetes. And as we know that Yoga practice is very beneficial for relax and calm mind. Yoga practice is very consistent with reducing stress and anxiety.

3) Insomnia

If you are facing a sleeping disorder, then yoga practice can overcome your sleeping disorder problem. Sleeplessness and chronic sleeping disorder are very common nowadays in all ages. To overcome this problem many people cut their caffeine and takes sleeping pills. But even after trying all this they fail to overcome it. However, the stress-reduction and breathing techniques of yoga are very helpful for these disorders. Yoga practice can naturally overcome your insomnia problem. Practice Yoga Regularly for a peaceful stress-free sleep.

4) Helps to know yourself

Yoga removes you from fight-or-flight mood and calms your nervous system. Through yoga, you get to know yourself and cultivate a more nonjudgmental relationship with yourself. You start building self-trust. You start eating healthy and start taking care of yourself. Because Yoga helps you to understand the importance of health and peaceful mind; your mind remains calm and your entire day goes without frustration and irritation. You look things from a broader perspective.

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5) Helps in schizophrenia and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)

Schizophrenia is a chronic disorder, where a person can face or can experience confusions, delusions, bizarre behaviour, abnormal anger, personality loss etc. It cannot be cured. But can be controlled through lifelong medication, social therapies etc. Many study and research proves that yoga can be Beneficial for the person experiencing Schizophrenia, Yoga and add on practices can be very helpful in treating Schizophrenia patient.

Another Disorder PTSD which follows with shocking and Terrifying life experiences that may trigger anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares for years or potentially lifelong. PTSD Is common in sexual assault victims, natural disaster faced victims etc. Many experts suggest that can be beneficial in treating this disorder. Yoga Makes people live in the moment and help them to overcome past traumatic experiences.

Would like to end this Blog with a deep saying-” WHEN YOU OWN YOUR BREATHE, NOBODY CAN STEAL YOUR PEACE.”

Thank you.

These were Few Mental Benefits of Yoga; do share your views dosto.

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