Liberal and Conservative Thinking

Liberal and Conservative Thinking

Research says that Liberal and Conservative is wired differently. I am here not saying that being conservative is not right, it can be right to some extent but as we all know each coin has two sides, we can’t judge something or someone with black or white statement, as I always says that there are fifty more shades of gray, everything can’t have Yes or No as an answer sometimes things require explanation and proofs, Sometimes we need to look between the matter, You all must be aware of the meaning of conservative and liberal thinking, people who have conservative thinking they are quite orthodox, who still live in the past and holds traditional values and person who is liberal and has liberal thinking they are always ready to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own and they are open to new ideas.

Here I am not saying that holding traditional values isn’t right, everything has pros and cons, even liberal thinking will have pros and cons but the thing which matters is maximum and minimum, something has maximum cons and minimum pros hence we must understand everything properly and we must learn to differentiate between maximum and minimum.

Hence today I will share some differences between Liberal and Conservative thinking

Liberal and Conservative Thinking Point 1. Value others opinion

People who have liberal thinking they value others opinion, they always stay ready to listen to others as well, they know that every person has their own views and we can’t say wrong directly to someone’s thinking, they understand the difference between right and wrong, here right and wrong is based on humanity, They don’t behave judgmentally, they never run from listening, they hear other people and only then put forward their opinions advise.

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Liberal and Conservative Thinking Point 2. Can’t be always right

People who live in past and feel things will remain same always, they usually feel that they are always right and this thing creates generation gap as well, as we all know change is constant and not only technology changes but people too change, their mind and thinking to change. Hence instead of thinking that we are right and always what we do is right and what others do say think is wrong, hence instead of having such thinking we must understand each other, we must understand other thinking and perspective.

Everyone has their own way to see things, sometimes their way can right hence try to look things by getting into their shoes; this thing will improve relationships and also improve thinking and mindset.

For example, People say that young child should never argue with his or her adults, here I am not emphasizing about argue, but what I am trying to say that if young person is right and has logic in his her statement then that adult should not have any problem listening to child because no matter what person age caste religion is if person is right and has logic and if child is giving you right advise and opinion then we must appreciate it and should take it. We shouldn’t take it as disrespect we should welcome it and should think about it.

Similarly, the generation gap is the problem, sometimes parents don’t understand and sometimes a child doesn’t want to understand, hence to overcome always right mentality we must understand each other by communicating and by coming to one common ground.

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Liberal and Conservative Thinking Point 3. Emotional decision vs. logical decisions

People who are liberal they make their decisions on the basis of facts and logic they are more logical they don’t allow emotions to influence their decision, and any decision which is taken on the basis of emotions most of the time goes wrong. Hence when we think of taking the decision we must think logically but understanding every aspect properly.

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Liberal and Conservative Thinking Point 4. Open to Change

Liberal thinking people are always ready to change, they know change is the only thing in life which is constant, they never afraid to change, they know since we human are born we are changing not only mentally but physically too, when we were new born we used to crawl, as we grew we started walking with the support and help of our parents, as we become teen our entire emotions feelings changes as we become adult we become more mature and as we come to our old age we become like a child we need support we need someone to care, throughout our life our emotions feelings body changes, and its natural hence we shouldn’t be afraid to change, and we shouldn’t be afraid to see people changing around us.

As we grow we should become mature enough to understand that people can’t be same because priorities changes, the situation changes mentality changes hence we should go with the flow, we should learn and improve ourselves as per the change.

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Himanshu Harsh
Himanshu Harsh
2 years ago

yes we also be type of liberal thinking. we should not be conservative thinker. thanks for your effort. keep doing it. you are doing well. thanks a lot.

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