How to Stop Worrying What Others Think of You

How to Stop Worrying What Others Think of You

How to Stop Worrying What Others Think of You?

Every individual in this world wants to be liked loved and accepted, There’s no one who’ll say I feel good when people don’t appreciate me like me or doesn’t care for me. Everyone wants to feel that importance care and love, But In order to get that love and acceptance if you start betraying yourself, if you start betraying your emotions feelings and self-love then this is something not good for your mental health. I understand isolation is not good for your mental health, but betraying your emotions and thinking too much about what others think and behaving as per their preference and liking is worse than that isolation.

For example, You fear to make your decision, because you feel what others will think if your decision goes wrong, you hang out with people with whom you are not comfortable just by a mindset of staying in group and having friends, You make decision or do things which you don’t want to do , but just because of others you do it and later your resent there are many more such situations comes in your life where you do something which you don’t feel like doing, but still you do it because of others or there in some situations you want to do something but you don’t do it just because what others will feel about you and your doing.

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Is you or your mind is a prisoner of others? Do you seriously need to follow others? Do you give your life power in the hand of others?  You Are Responsible for your own life, And if you continue thinking about what others think, will feel and say then you will stick to the same situation and place and will never able to grow in your life and never able to stay happy. I am not saying to never listen to someone, but making your life decision and choices just by thinking of others will not help you to grow. everyone is individual and everyone has right to decide what they want to do and where they want to go. It’s You and your life and your decisions.

As it says “Care about what others think and you will always be their prisoners.”

Today I will share some points which will help you to Stop Worrying What Others Think of You:

1. Keep the fact clear

You must understand it very well, that nobody cares, all are busy in their lives and struggles. Everyone is very much busy in this world, hardly people have time to care about themselves why would they care and pay attention to your doings, and you must understand this saying very well “WHAT OTHERS THINK OF ME IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS.” If you always worry about what others think of you then you will never able to see your progress in life. Everyone has their perception and thinking related to particular things. You can’t change someone’s thinking unless and until they don’t find an issue in their doings; you can only concentrate on yourself and on your progress.

And if in the middle of your progress you come up with a fear of what others think or say then you will never able to see yourself growing in your life, hence Understand that no one cares, it’s you who needs to care about yourself and about your doings.

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2. Do not over think

There are some people who over think for every small thing, for example, there are kind of people who overthink on things like why they were smiling while looking at me, am I looking stupid, or do they find me weird, they overthink in a negative way and this thing does nothing but lower their self-confidence, such people remove all positive outcome from such situations and only focus on negativity.

You don’t think always overthink in any situation. Thinking is good but overthinking is very much stressful to your brain, hence instead on jumping t negative outcome try to analyze any such situation positively, like with the same example, maybe they find me energetic or good looking or something like this, This positive analyzing of a situation will for sure boost your confidence.

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3. Don’t worry about mistake

Understand this very simple thing No one is this world Is perfect, everyone has flaws but the best person is one who is ready to understand his/her flaws and ready to work on their flaws. If you worry about what others think about my mistakes then you will never try anything new in your life, and when you never try anything new means you never learn or experience anything new and this will for sure not going to help you to get a successful life. Hence Don’t worry about mistakes but always Learn from them and move on with solutions.

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4. Self-acceptance

In order to overcome prisoner mentality, you need to accept yourself. You need to love yourself the way you are. You need to know yourself better than anyone, You need to look at yourself in the mirror and must feel blessed for having such beautiful life. You need to become your own best friend, until and unless you don’t accept yourself. You will never come out of the prisoner mentality. You will feel shy about everything, regarding your looks, communication and about lifestyle.

When you understand yourself, when you accept yourself You become confident and you recognize parts where you need improvement, but when you don’t accept yourself you become shy and always crib in that same situation and never have that courage to come out and improve, hence self-acceptance and loving yourself is really very important to overcome prisoner mentality.

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5. Hangout with people who care for you

You don’t need to make friends just because of status symbol, or what others will say if I don’t gel up with others easily, sometimes people need time to make genuine true friends, and instead of having lot of friends with whom you are not comfortable, have one true friend with whom you can share all your doubts happiness and can trust that person, because that support will give you confidence that support and care will help you to overcome the prisoner mentality.

One good Friend can change your life and think completely, hence instead of having a fake group of friends try to have 1 true and genuine friend who always supports you to become better and best.T


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These are the few tips to help you to Stop Worrying What Others Think of You.

Thank you.

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Rajesh kumar barnawal
Rajesh kumar barnawal
2 years ago

Seeken Sir please make video on this topic please

Juganta Saikia
Juganta Saikia
2 years ago

Every single person is struggling…… atleast at one side…..


Life Transformd
Life Transformd
2 years ago

This was really very helpful info

2 years ago

Bro, is there any kind of book about this topic??

1 year ago
Reply to  Ashutosh

yes the art of not giving fuck

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