How To Stay Motivated And Accomplish Anything

How To Stay Motivated And Accomplish Anything

How To Stay Motivated: There can be times, when you feel low, upset and feel that negativity has surrounded you from everywhere, and destroying your dream and hope, And due to this thought you feel, this is what actually life is, you can’t do anything about it, And because of this thought and negativity, you no more feel motivated, and you feel that living your dream life and achieving goals is not possible for you.

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Yes I agree, many times bad situation arises, not only in your life but in every single person’s life, but some fail to tackle them and allow negativity to overpower them, while some people who really want to change their lives and really want to fulfill their dreams, they stay motivated even in those bad times, they don’t give up, they fight with that situation and overcome them and at the end achieve what they really want.

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There is a saying you don’t need to learn how to react; you need to learn How to RESPOND.

Hence today I will share some tips to stay motivated through hard and difficult times.

How To Stay Motivated Tip 1. Health is wealth

You all must be aware of health is wealth. The reason I am talking about health in this blog of motivation, because Your brain needs enough sleep to function properly, your body needs enough healthy food to work for a long time, hence keeping mind and body healthy will help you to keep yourself more motivated and this motivation will help you to move ahead towards your goal.

Example, suppose you don’t get even sleep. after getting up in the morning, you will feel tired and your motivation of doing your work will automatically go down. Hence feeling fresh and energetic is really important to stay motivated. Hence it will be great if you get enough sleep and after getting up follow morning ritual. This will help you to stay motivated and work towards your goal.

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How To Stay Motivated Tip 2. Inspiring information.

Here reading self-help book is the best idea to uplift yourself, because reading self-help books help you to understand your capabilities, it makes you understand that yes you can achieve your goals and can be successful in your life. Instead of wasting your time and energy over negative things, it would be great to read and listen to positive things, and get positive and inspiring information; this information will not only increase your knowledge but also improve your life and also motivate you to grow in your life.

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How To Stay Motivated Tip 3. Stay around positive people

Surrounding yourself with negative people, and with people who have no goals and passion will only make you feel insecure about yourself, staying around people who always put you down and always have Can’t do kind of attitude, will only de-motivate you, and always make you feel that you can’t do anything, hence it would be really good to be around people who motivates you and also helps you to understand your capabilities, and motivates you to grow and move ahead in life.

Spending time with what kind of people really matters; hence try to stay around positive people. This surrounding will help you to grow in your life and will help you to stay motivated.

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How To Stay Motivated Tip 4. Believe in yourself

There is a saying When you believe in yourself, you are halfway there, it means whether you say you can or you say you can’t you are right, it is you who needs to understand how important and unique you are, you can do, if you want to do,

People fail to understand the importance of themselves, instead of believing themselves and their uniqueness they compare their life with others, and when comparison comes, motivation goes, because when you compare, you feel insecure and when you feel insecure your level of motivation will automatically goes down.

Hence always believe in yourself and go after your dreams, your goals, stop comparing, stop doubting yourself.

Just go for it.

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How To Stay Motivated Tip 5. Don’t repeat

This is really important to understand, never make the same mistake again. Always learn from your mistake, people often fail the difference between learning from the mistake and not to repeat the same mistake.

When you repeat the same mistake again and again, it is no further called a mistake, it will be known as your choice because when you learn from your mistake you never repeat it, and when you repeat it means you are not learning.

Hence never be afraid of making mistake; however, mistake gives you experience and also makes you understand where you went wrong, so that next time you can start more intelligently.

So always be ready to learn, but don’t be ready to repeat the same mistake again.

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How To Stay Motivated Tip 6. Committed, focused, determine….Implement

Most of the time, what happens, people see motivational videos, people read motivational inspiring articles, blogs, for some time or can say for some days they feel motivated, and in the time of motivation they plan everything and feel that from next day they will start working towards their goal.

But as the next day comes, their motivation gets vanish, they don’t feel like doing anything, they feel tired they feel low, upset de-motivated. So for this, what you need to understand is Motivational videos, blogs, articles gives you a way, but it is YOU who needs to walk on that way and need to find out your destination.

So in order to do that, you need to be focused, determined and committed towards your plan, towards your goal. And a very important part you need to implement things what you learn on a daily basis.

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So do you want to live your dream life? Do you want to be happy and successful in all aspects? Then do implement, don’t wait for miracles, be a miracle. Hence don’t waste your time on overthinking, just make a plan set a goal and go for it.

Do comment and share, thank you.

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  2. Dear Bhai,

    I had been thinking to achieve something in life but without the rout to reach the goal. You have given the ways to reach the goal, Thanks for your effort, keep moving/motivating.

    A great love from Bangalore.

    1. HI Rizwan, Self help books are mainly for improvement of one’s own personality which includes mind , thoughts , habits and overall personality. It simplifies the the general problem we face in our daily life. It also motivate and inspire through other stories to make the living better . Also, it help us to complete our goal and achieve success. Regards, Khushbu. I am guest author at seeken.

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