How to Start Exercising – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Start Exercising

We all want to stay healthy, we all want to stay fit and want to have a healthy lifestyle, we all know that in order to stay healthy and fit, exercise will definitely play a big part for that. We know that exercising not only changes our lifestyle but it will also have some interesting body changes and benefits. Exercise keeps us fit and healthy. We know Benefits of Exercise. The only thing we don’t know is where to start. Usually, people face confusion regarding how to start exercising.

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We all know that the first step is the hardest part, taking the first step requires courage, hardest part is just getting started, once you take that first step towards your exercising goal, the entire journey will become easy, hence in order to start exercising, you just need to be committed towards your exercising goal and should understand the value and importance of healthy lifestyle. You should be motivated towards your exercising goal, that motivation commitment will for sure help you to get started,  

When we think of exercise the very first question arises how to start exercising, like what I should do first to get started. Exercise is not only about lifting weights or push up but it also includes healthy diet, our regular diet plays a very important role towards our healthy lifestyle, hence in order to start exercising you must also take care of your diet, you should have healthy food, should avoid junk food, The biggest reason behind obesity is unhealthy diet and that unhealthy diet makes us lazy and we fail to start exercising, hence in order to avoid confusion regarding HOW TO START EXERCISING, First be focused towards your exercising goal, be committed and understand the value of healthy lifestyle.

Many people make an excuse related to lack of time like I don’t get time to exercise, Doing exercise is important doing for an hour isn’t, A tiny bit of exercise is better than no exercise at all. You should be committed towards doing exercise regularly no matter if it’s only for few minutes, Exercise and proper diet will for sure help you to create a healthy lifestyle, hence in order to avoid confusion of how to start exercising, be committed towards regular exercising habit, don’t worry about how many hours you should work out, in order to get started you must start slowly, don’t rush, slowly and gradually you will make a habit of regular exercising.

Benefits of Exercise

As we all know that Exercise Increases brain function, Exercising Makes the body pump more blood on the muscles, this pump up increases the blood flow and benefits our brain, Regular exercise will keep you in good mood,  exercise reduces your body fat and keeps you fit, Exercise improves your energy and stamina and keep you healthy, Exercise increases Metabolism, there are many more health benefits which you get by doing exercise on a daily basis, I know almost everyone is aware about  Benefits of Exercise, but the question which confuses is from where to start and how to start exercising?

Exercise is not only about pushups or lifting weights but there are several small exercises you can do regularly in order to improve your health and in order to make your lifestyle healthy. Many people feel that going to the gym is what exercise is all about. Going to the gym can be a good option but if you don’t have time for the gym that doesn’t mean you can’t have healthy and fit lifestyle and body, To be physically fit you can do small exercises daily which will make your lifestyle healthy.

Today will share few tips on how to start exercising:

1. Walking

The very first thing you should work on is your stamina, Stamina matters a lot, Stamina will help you to do exercise above your limit will help you to push yourself, hence in order to increase stamina you must exercise on a daily basis, should have healthy diet, should go out for a walk, Don’t ever underestimate the importance and awesomeness of walking, When you start walking you will realize about your stamina, walking will show you how much unhealthy you are, at start you will get tired easily,  But regular walking will for sure improve your strength and increase your stamina.

Walking will make you energetic and reduce your procrastination; this walking exercise will help you to take the first step towards your healthy lifestyle.

Start walking no matter how small distant walk you take, just take a step towards walking exercise, this regular walking will increase your stamina and you will soon see yourself walking for long distance and won’t even get tired quickly and easily.

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2. Swimming

Another small exercise which you can do is swimming,  It is a great exercise, it strengthens your arms and legs, it improves your stamina and make you active, swimming gives you energy, swimming keeps your heart rate up and reduces your body stress, it builds your muscle strength, swimming maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, and lungs. Swimming burn calories which help you to lose your weight, swimming is also very helpful for cardiovascular health benefits, Swimming is another way to start exercising.

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3. Yoga

Another small way to start exercising is Yoga, doing regular Yoga for few minutes can increase your body flexibility, also increase your muscle strength, improves respiration and energy, Yoga maintains a balanced metabolism, Yoga is also very helpful for reducing your weight, it helps for your cardio and circulatory health, Yoga improves your athletic performance, Yoga is a very healthy exercise, Yoga is not only related to body fitness but also related to mind fitness, Yoga does more than just burning calories, Yoga keeps you mentally fit and healthy, Yoga is a total mind-body exercise that combines stretching and strengthening poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation.

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4. Take weights, do pushups, jumping jack

If you don’t get time for gym, then start doing an exercise at your home, buy dumbbells and resistance band and use them to do some bicep curls, use weights for few minutes, have proper diet, drink lots of water,  Would suggest you to watch exercising videos, it will help you to know how to start exercising, will help you to know proper way of lifting weights, will help you to know the proper way of doing bicep, jumping jack, watching an Exercising Expert will make exercise easy for you, by watching an expert you will use proper ways and techniques.

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5. Lifting weight techniques at home

Start with lightweight, don’t force yourself to lift heavy weight, without proper instruction you can increase the risk of injury hence at home start with small weights

Keep movement slow and controlled, count to 2 when lifting weight and 3 when lowering the weight

Change your routine every 6 to 8 weeks this thing will help you to challenge your body

Do watch expert instruction and follow them, avoid training same muscle group if you ever feel weal or sore, stop it.

Remember; do follow exercise techniques by following an expert.

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6. Quick Steps on how to start exercising

  • Start slow, don’t rush with any exercise, start with 10 minutes then gradually increase your exercise time limit.
  • Add strength-building activities or exercise at least 2 days per week, join swimming classes or do walking
  • Make exercise part of your routine, no matter whether you do it for few minutes or for few hours do it regularly
  • Don’t take exercise as your punishment, make it fun by making it social means join an exercise group, do jogging walking or running with a social group
  • Don’t forget about heart rate, exercise needs to be done with proper techniques, hence do follow an expert.
  • Exercise needs to start with a Warm up and should end with a cool-down and also do stretching for 5 to 10 minutes
  • While exercising don’t forget about staying hydrated, you should always carry a bottle of water with you, dehydration can cause severe health issue
  • Always have a proper healthy diet, avoid unhealthy food, because unhealthy food is the biggest reason for obesity and procrastination.

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These were some tips on how to start exercising, hence avoid confusion and take a step towards daily exercise.

Thank you.

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