How To Start A Conversation With Strangers

How To Start A Conversation With Strangers

How To Start A Conversation With Strangers: Suppose if I ask you to talk to your friends and family and to the people whom you know, then this would be such an easy task for you because you are comfortable with them, because you know them and you are familiar to them but if I ask you to talk to strangers, if I ask you to have a conversation with strangers or to some unknown group of people, then for this you will think twice or thrice, you’ll get nervous, you practice your words a thousand times before you face those unknown people or strangers.

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Talking to strangers can be nerve-wracking but it is very important for us to know this skill, because if you want to survive in this world, you must know the skill to understand strangers, you should have the skill to convert strangers as your friends, because this skill of starting a conversation with strangers will help you in your professional life a lot. Nowadays in professional life, you are asked to connect with strangers, you are asked to make your potential customer to customers, starting a conversation with strangers is an extrovert skill.

It’s good to be introvert but at some moment you have to be an Extrovert, Extrovert behavior is must professionally and socially because that thing will help you to expand your career and contacts, there’s nothing wrong in being introvert but by being introvert you should know that at what time and at what moment you should be an extrovert, you should know to play, when to be an introvert and when to be an extrovert.

Most of the people feel comfortable when they are with their loved ones, and with known people, but the moment they are kept with few unknown people they start feeling anxious stressed and worried, they get nervous, reason for such feelings is because they don’t know from where and how they should start a conversation with strangers, and sometimes people try to start conversation with strangers but due to their closed questions and lack of knowledge regarding how to start conversation with strangers they fail in their first attempt, and with such negative attempt most of the people quit and stay shy and nervous throughout their lives.

Before I start with techniques which will help you to know How To Start A Conversation With Strangers, remember few things, you must understand the situation, for example, don’t try to be funny when someone is upset, or don’t crib about something when someone is in good mood etc. You should make others feel comfortable, shouldn’t look desperate especially with the opposite sex, should be polite so that you don’t turn away people, should look decent, kind and wise person.

Now let’s understand the few techniques on “How To Start A Conversation With Strangers“:

1) Understand the body language

Before you approach someone first try to make an eye contact because eye contact will show whether a person is interested in talking or not, if another person with whom you want to start a conversation looks into your eyes then hold that eye contact for at least 2 seconds and while you are looking give the opposite person a warm and genuine smile, that smile should be decent and kind, if the opposite person also smiles back then you can slowly move towards them and can start a conversation, but if opposite person look away or seem disinterested them quickly move away because if you still try to connect with them then you will look desperate, hence once you come to know that the opposite person is disinterested quickly excuse yourself.

While making eye contact don’t glance away quickly or don’t look as if you are staring to just make an eye contact and hold it for less than 2 seconds.

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2) Make another person comfortable

Don’t only think about yourself, while having a conversation with strangers you have to notice the opposite person too. Whether she/he is comfortable or not, do they look comfortable, and for noticing this you have to notice body language, whether they are giving genuine smile or they are faking, are their body language gestures, posture open or closed, if you are not aware of open close body languages.

3) Have a small conversation

Remember that strangers are not your best buddies or friends, they are on the way to becoming your friend, hence you need to be slow while talking with strangers, you have to make a small conversation, you don’t need to start a conversation with very personal questions or deep inquiry, you should look decent, not desperate, people should feel comfortable with them, you shouldn’t look threatening. You should start a small conversation, should talk about weathers, hobbies, favorite novels, movies etc and should look genuinely curious about their response.

4) Ask Open-ended questions

The reason why most conversations with strangers become awkward is because of closed-ended questions. people don’t know how to form an open-ended question, understand that open-ended questions will keep the conversation active, closed questions make conversation awkward and boring, You should ask questions in which your another question lies, for example, Have you being to water parks? if yes which water parks? if not what you like more? Etc.. You should have questions which keep your conversation active, avoid closed-ended questions for example if you ask someone do you drink? then for this, a small answer will come No, then again you have to frame another question which will take hell lot of time, therefore ask questions which has other questions in it. Remember you have to understand the situation, like is your closed questions making conversation boring or is it person’s mood, whether they are ready to have a conversation with you or not.

5) Respect Physical boundaries

While talking to strangers you have to be very attentive about the distance  like you can’t stand too close to someone you’ve just met, you should avoid touching unless the situation calls for it, for example, if someone introduces you then just a friendly handshake is enough, Physical boundaries should be respected especially when dealing with the opposite sex, otherwise it can make you look cheap, desperate or can give wrong signals, hence before having conversation with strangers or while having conversation with strangers notice various things and understand the context as well.

This is the end of “How To Start A Conversation With Strangers”. Let me know your views on these techniques.

Thank you.

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