How To Say Sorry

How To Say Sorry And Really Mean It

What is Sorry & Thank you?

How To Say Sorry? I have seen in many movie where Protagonist says that NO SORRY AND THANK YOU IN FRIENDSHIP, but for me Not saying sorry and thank you in friendship or in any relationship is a myth, because many relationships able to survive because of these two small expressions, every individual in this world wants to feel appreciation, they want someone to say them thank you when they do something good for them, Human feel satisfied and happy when a person who made a mistake apologize genuinely to them, A genuine thank you and Sorry has the capability to make someone feel good immediately.

No relationship works without saying sorry and thank you, even you won’t like if opposite person didn’t apologize to you when it was actually their mistake, you want a person to realize their mistake, that realization gives human satisfaction. Sorry means genuine realization that yes I accept my fault, and as we all know sorry also shows value.

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But When you say sorry, You need to be genuine and authentic with your words. Your sorry should come directly from your heart, it shouldn’t be fake, because most of the time people say sorry just because they want to get rid of that argument or situation, or they just don’t want their mood to stay spoiled or they just don’t want to drag any argument further, this fake and not so genuine apology will not make things right but it can make things worse, for example, if you say sorry genuinely, then that genuine sorry also means that you won’t repeat the same mistake again, but if you say sorry just because you want to chuck that topic then you will for sure repeat that same mistake again, and when you repeat the same mistake again, opposite person will feel worse, because they will come to know that your earlier apology was nothing but just a fake words which have no meaning, hence always say sorry when you actually mean it, Usually we say thank you when we actually mean it, we know that someone has done something for us and they deserve our appreciation and thank you, so we say it we genuine heart and words and expression.

But Many times we fail to show our genuine sorry, we fail to show that yes actually in real we accept our fault and mistake and we are actually sorry for our behavior, we people need to understand the importance of genuine apology “sorry”, we all are human and at certain point of time or in any situation we can hurt someone, because we all make mistake, but instead of accepting our faults, we bring our ego in between our smooth important relationship, and that ego doesn’t allow us to accept our faults and mistakes, our ego makes us think about other person mistakes, and instead of saying sorry for our own mistake we start dragging other person mistakes which they had done a year in between that conversation which eventually turns situation worse, Hence instead of bringing ego or negative energy in between any argument, we should bring positive energy such as how much we love them, why we love them, what all good moments we have spent together, how they have supported us and how many times they forgive us, this positive energy will help you to say genuine sorry to the opposite person.

We must understand that Apology should be genuine, it should come from  our heart, because a genuine apology is not just a small expression or a small action but it’s a promise or commitment that you won’t repeat the same mistake again, and that promise should be kept forever, hence try to say sorry only when you mean it with your true genuine heart, because sorry is not just a word but it has many feelings which make other people feel satisfied happy and also makes that yes You care and value them more than your temporary ego, because you understand that Ego is temporary and your loved ones is with you forever.

Today I will talk about some mistakes which person make while apologizing. Wrongly said Sorry can make a situation worse, hence if you can’t make a situation better don’t make it worse by saying sorry which has no genuine words and expressions.

How To Say Sorry 1. Text apology and situation gets handled

Nowadays people don’t understand the importance of face to face apology, people fight on phone and they say sorry through text or email and feels everything is sorted, no through text and email people can’t see your actual expression feelings and tone, and when person can’t see they will not understand how much sorry you are, hence make an effort and say sorry in person, face to face apology will make relationship more strong and it will show that you are brave enough to accept your fault and this brave step of yours will make your relationship stronger and you will learn to communicate more effectively.

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How To Say Sorry 2. Force = no apology

Your sorry should be genuine, it should be your own responsibility, you should accept your fault by your own, you should feel your mistake when other people make you realize, you should understand your mistake and wrong behavior by your own.

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How To Say Sorry 3. Sorry should be your heartfelt

You should apologize with your genuine heart, your words and expression or action should be genuine and authentic, you shouldn’t say sorry just because you want to get rid of that situation.

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How To Say Sorry 4. Words should be supported by action

Your apology will hold nowhere if your actions don’t match those words, your words will be considered genuine and meaningful only when a person see through your actions. For example, you say sorry and next moment you repeat the same old thing then this thing will hold no meaning, hence when you say sorry for something, then don’t repeat that same mistake again, this action of yours will give meaning to your apology, and this will show that you are committed towards your words.

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How To Say Sorry 5. Just saying sorry is not enough sometimes

Sometimes saying sorry won’t matter much, because sometimes you say things which can hurt person a lot or sometimes in anger you go below the belt, hence just saying I am sorry will not make things right, you may have to go further to make things right, like you may have to express them your reason for anger, or you must share the reason for your misbehavior or reason why you act so harsh, you need to be more expressive at such times, because your genuine expression and your genuine apology will make person understand your situation and state of mind.

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How To Say Sorry 6. Say as soon as possible

You must say sorry as soon as possible, you shouldn’t wait for too long, like you had an argument yesterday and you are saying sorry today that too after going to your work place through text, no you should say sorry as soon as possible, because if you take too long then your relationship  and feelings will suffer for long, hence try to make things right as soon as possible, Avoid poor timing, try to sort out things and try to accept fault before going to bed, because taking apology or sorry to next day will make things more complicated.

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How To Say Sorry 7. Say sorry without buts

You should be sorry genuinely. For example, I am sorry…but it wasn’t my entire fault; this statement will start everything all over again. So be sorry without “but”.

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  1. Thanks SeeKen for sharing this information, It’s very helpful for us. We know what is right and what is wrong but we still don’t do it. But after reading this article, it will clear any thoughts in my mind and I will be more expressive whenever I make a mistake or i have to say thank you to anyone.

    Keep sharing and keep motivating, keep giving us information, you’re doing a fantastic job. We love you and looking forward for more.

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