How To Forgive And Let It Go

How To Forgive And Let It Go

How To Forgive And Let It Go?

Many people Forget but don’t forgive, and not forgiving someone will not affect others who had hurt you or had given you painful feeling but those anger painful feeling which you carry everywhere along with you will affect your peace and spiritual growth, and these feelings will not allow you to grow and will never make you feel happy satisfied and peaceful, hence for your own improvement and for your own beautiful peaceful life you need to forget as well as forgive, because forgiveness is also a freedom, Your forgiving nature sets you free from all the negative feeling burdens which were moving you backward.

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If I talk about Religion, then we all know that every religion teaches us to forgive, forgiveness is really very powerful because forgiveness will not only make you feel good and peaceful but it also make the opposite person realize their mistake, Hence instead of being angry on someone just forgive and move on. Because someone who gives you painful feelings can be temporary if you forgive and move on, but if you keep those feelings and pain in your heart and within you then those feelings will become permanent which will only be going to affect you.

Hence today I will share some points on how to forgive and let it go:

How To Forgive Point 1. Forget the past

Your past is not your present, and it’s not your present reality, but if you keep those painful hurtful memories in your mind and within you then you are allowing those memories to stay in your present and also you are allowing them to destroy your today’s reality.

Things change, even people change, and we must understand and accept that the change is the only thing which is constant, hence even you need to change for something better and need to move on, you can move on only when you forget your past and forgive those people who had given you painful memories, Those memories are affecting you and only you, Hence you must forget your past.

The best way you can forget your past is by involving yourself into new goals and passion or hobbies; you should involve yourself on things which make you feel happy and energetic and gives you motivation and inspiration to move ahead in life.

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How To Forgive Point 2. Connect yourself to your soul and god

You must train your mind to always connect to god and to your soul whenever you feel sad upset or depressed, and ones you able to do this no matter what problem difficulties and painful feeling arise in your mind and within you, you will for sure able to face them with a smile in your face and with no time your mood will come on track and you will able to focus on your work and on the present life and can also get motivated.

When you connect yourself with god, you will for sure see love and light even in the darkest situation and you will find yourself positive and at the peak level of your energy, and this thing positive attitude and personality of yours for sure attract others and they would love to be around you.

Hence Connectivity with god and soul will always support you to forgive people easily, and even in the tough emotions and situations, you will be for sure able to see something good in it and easily make up your mind and move on.

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How To Forgive Point 3. Never take anger to bed

This is the best technique  you can use to forgive someone, if you take your anger to bed then next morning when you get up, you will for sure feel bad and depressed, hence the best thing you can do is while going to sleep say to yourself “ That no matter what happened today, and no matter how bad I felt and how much I hurt because of xyz person.” I forgive that person and I don’t have any bad feelings for that person and tomorrow morning will be the new day new beginning and will wake up with a fresh mind and will only concentrate on new opportunities.”

This way you will prepare yourself and your brain with positivity and your brain will easily forgive everything and will make you feel good.

There is a saying which says” be careful what you say because you are listening.”

Hence stop reminding bad things to your brain and start reminding good and happy moments to your brain.

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How To Forgive Point 4. Be responsible

You need to take responsibility of your past, here responsibility doesn’t mean blaming, but it means when you take responsibility you learn from it and make yourself understand that you will never repeat the same mistake and move on without keeping any hard feelings for someone, but blaming means to crib and regret on the same situation for entire life and not allowing yourself to move on and never able to see bright future.

Hence be responsible, for example, if you were in relationship with whom you wasn’t happy or someone who used to hurt you emotionally all the time, then instead of keeping hatred and grudges for that person , forgive him/her and move on and be responsible for it like I was into a wrong relationship and next time I will be more careful and will choose someone wisely because relationships marriage is really very important decision of our lives, hence don’t blame and stick to that same hatred just be responsible move on and don’t repeat the same mistake again.

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How To Forgive Point 5. Forgiveness is Freedom

When you forgive someone you set yourself free from all the burdens which were not allowing you to move forward in your life, anger painful feelings always stops your growth hence we should learn to forgive so that we can learn to improve. And improvement will make your life happy satisfied and peaceful.

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How To Forgive Point 6. Hurt = Revenge = Two graves

When someone hurt you and instead of forgiving that person if you keep that hurtful hatred feeling within you and think of taking revenge then you are not only digging their grave but yours too, because that hatred will not only destroy or ruin the other person’s life but it will for sure ruin your life as well.

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How To Forgive Point 7. Be kind

When someone hurts you emotionally, at that time you need to be kind with your feelings, you must understand yourself and your emotions, you don’t need to harsh to yourself, you don’t need to force yourself and you should not hate yourself, you should sit and need to let go your emotions and feelings.

There is nothing wrong in crying, you can cry as much as you want, but the only thing you must keep in mind that you don’t need to cry for that same reason again and again. You need to let go your feelings and then you need to stand and need to look at yourself in the mirror and need to say to yourself and to god, that I am still alive and God is with me and there is so much more I have to do in this life for myself for the ones who love me unconditionally and for the ones who are in need. And after this, you must again start your life fresh and with same enthusiasm and motivation.

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How To Forgive Point 8. Don’t be judgmental

Sometimes we feel hurt and bad because of someone from whom we were not expecting anything bad or wrong, suppose your friend or your parents say you something which you might was not expecting from them, hence at that time feeling sad or bad we must understand them as well, because sometimes we behave very judgmental, before understanding the actual matter we just react, instead of reacting we should learn to respond.

Sometimes because of work pressure, office pressure, job pressure or due to exams we feel irritated and for every small thing we react loudly, hence we should understand each situation properly without behaving judgmental and we should learn to respond.

Sometimes we react loudly and we only generate hurtful painful feelings, hence we must understand the actual difference, like whether we are hurt or stress.

For example, at the workplace you are very stressful but can’t say anything there hence when you reach your home, you behave very irritated even for small things, hence hurt and stress has two different meanings, and you must understand and differentiate it very properly.

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Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar
2 years ago

This artigcle is very very important for me. i always feel bad but from now i am again motivated. your articles are useful for everyone. Thanks a lot for your effort. keep doing it.

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