How To Debate?

How To Debate

How To Debate? Do you like surrounding yourself with people who think alike?  Do you spend most of your time with friends or people who are as similar to you? Do you watch the news and other things that validate your existing beliefs? Do you reward a person for thinking alike? Usually most of the people love to stay around people who are as similar to them, who have same thinking and same beliefs, and always surrounding yourself with people who are just like you will for sure not help your personal growth, because always staying around people who are as similar as you will for sure limit your discussion and debate?

Why you need others to confirm your own thinking? Why you need people similar to your thinking and beliefs? Why you get offended if you come in contact with a person whose thinking and beliefs is not similar to yours? Why do you feel others are wrong when their thinking process is different from yours?  Some people seek conformity, they love to stay in their shell, they love to stay under their rules and discipline they don’t allow others who don’t have similar thinking like them to stay around them, because they feel easy and safe because they don’t want any surprises they don’t want to see world from others perspective because for them their perspective is true and real, And having such attitude will for sure limit your discussion and debate, and you will start discouraging debate and discussion.

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Here debate and discussion don’t mean argument. There’s a huge difference between discussion/debate and argument, In many colleges even in schools discussions and debates happens, because this help person to understand each other perspective, this makes person open minded and make person come out of their shell and comfort zone, sometimes our beliefs and thinking can be different from others, but different doesn’t mean wrong, if someone is not like you, it doesn’t mean they are wrong,  Just because others paths are different doesn’t mean they are lost, it means they are just different their thinking process and beliefs are not similar, and hence discussion and debate allow us to understand each other mindset and beliefs and thinking and thus discussion and debate helps us in our personal growth, because debate and discussions increase innovation and also helps us to progress.

Even in many organizations debate and discussions happens, because discussion makes people with different backgrounds and experiences to participate in a rich exchange of thought, when group of people do discussion, it’s not compulsory that everyone will have same thoughts or beliefs,  every person will have their own thoughts and perspective hence with this they listen to one another, hear each other opinion and also understand each other different views and also determine whether they are agreeing with each other’s viewpoints or not, You will never understand whether your idea perspective is right or not until it doesn’t get challenged, debate encourages people to challenge their view points, debates should be done under safe environment with open mind.

Discussion and debates should be done for your own personal growth hence it should be done with open mind and under safe environment, you shouldn’t consider debate as fight or any argument, you should take it for your own personal growth, because proper debate and discussions are usually done to make people understand about each other mentality beliefs and thinking and this thing make person more innovative and also gives progress, It’s ok to have friends who think just like you who are as similar as you, but always staying surround with same mentality people and not allowing other people who are different who have different thinking and beliefs will only affect your personal growth, because in work place or in real world you won’t always be fortunate to meet similar people like you, you will for sure face other mentality people, whose thinking process is not similar to yours, in that situation what will you do? Will you run away or will you stay alone? No at such situation you should learn to stay around them, you should understand them, you should learn from them, You should never allow yourself to always stay under your shell, you should open up and should ready to grasp change, because change is constant and when you learn to handle you will never discourage debate or discussion, because you would love to challenge your viewpoints and ideas, and challenge viewpoints and ideas don’t mean to argue or to fight but to talk logically with facts and for this knowledge is must, YOU DO DISCUSSION AND DEBATE WHEN YOU HAVE PROPER KNOWLEDGE AND FACTS, Arguments are done on the basis of rumors and half facts and knowledge, hence understand the difference be wise and be confident.

Let’s begin with “How to Debate?”

1. Should understand the importance of knowledge

Discussions and debate are done with proper knowledge and facts, you must understand the difference between argument and Discussion and debate,  you can give meaning debate and discussion only when you have proper knowledge and facts, you can participate in any debate and discussion only when you are knowledgeable person,  usually in discussion and debate you will get people who will not agree with your points and views but it is your knowledge and facts which will make them agree with you, hence understand the importance of knowledge, knowledge is the lifeblood of progress, hence always seek knowledge and believe in learning new things instead of surrounding yourself with yes people,  because surrounding with yes people is similar talking to yourself.

Hence seek knowledge and learn new things every day, it will help not yes people.

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2. How to Debate? Open minded

People who are ready to challenge their viewpoints and beliefs are always open-minded, they don’t get offended or defensive, they are ready to hear others, and also ready to accept when they find their viewpoint wrong, they are ready to change and they are ready to improve and learn from others, because the thing which matters to them is improvement and they know that no one is perfect and no one can be right all the time, hence they stay open minded.

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3. How to debate? Courageous

People who don’t discourage discussion and debate are courageous, they understand that without courage there can never be a glory, they know that no guts mean no glory, and to face the glory we need to be courageous enough to accept the change and others ways.

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4. Level headed

People who are open minded and ready for discussion and debate are usually level headed, they listen to others calmly and then revert, they don’t get hyper , they never raise their voice while pointing out their view point, they listen first and then reply, they stay calm and always has smile on their face, they never take things personally, they never make that discussion or debate an argument or fight, they stay polite with their words, and avoid harsh comments and never go below the belt, because they understand difference between talking logical and emotional. Hence they stick to their grounds while having discussion and debate they never hit someone below the belt and never go personally.

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5. They are curious

People who like to discuss are usually curious, they don’t discuss because they want they to proof right, they discuss because they are curious enough they want to know where they are going wrong or where they are right, they are usually people who love to share knowledge and they never afraid to learn from others, they never feel bad to accept that they don’t know something they are just curious towards learning and improving.

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This is the end of “How to Debate?”. Thank you.

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