How To Be A Leader

How To Be A Leader

How To Be A Leader: If you have a belief that a person who becomes a great successful leader has an inborn talent or leadership is a skill which is given by God, then, unfortunately, such belief is nothing but just a myth, and Fortunately. If you are focused on your plans and goals then even you can become a great leader. Anyone who is committed, focused and stubborn about their dreams and desires and flexible about their methods can become a great successful leader.

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Now you must be thinking, what all things need to be done to be a great leader, how to be a leader, because leading is not an easy task, making people listen to you, saying yes for your thoughts isn’t an easy task, But it’s not as difficult as you think, when you decide to do something, you need to have proper planning, and need to take actions as per the plan, because At start you will make mistake, but that mistake should make you grow, not stop you, Leadership is about improving, at first it starts with YOU, You need to be your own leader at the start, only then you can be an influencer leader in future, At Present be a leader for yourself, Lead your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a right path and then see the difference.

Every successful famous leader, at first face lack of confidence, nervousness, and anxiety, there are some of the great leaders who once had a stage fright such as Warren Buffet, Joel Osteen, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson etc, they all had stage fright at start of their career but they never gave up, they improved with every mistake and that Improvement made them a great leader, hence today I will share few techniques on “How To Be A Leader”.

1) Never Lie and Promise if not sure

You must promise only when you know that no matter what happens you will be fulfilling those promises, and you should never lie for anything because nothing kills your credibility quicker than a breached promise or unfulfilled expectation, hence practice what you preach to be a successful leader in your personal and professional life, Your team and people who follow you reflect the values which you uphold hence always stay genuine, true and honest to yourself and to others, because a leader with a lie will be a leader on a temporary basis, one day people will get to know the real face of a fake leader, hence for long run be a leader who is honest, true and genuine.

2) Treat with Respect

Every Individual Needs to be respected, The way you want others to respect you similarly even you should give that same respect to others, Always remember; to be a good leader you must appreciate person in public and should correct the person personally because personal rewards and publicly criticism is not at all good for anyone especially when you want to be a Leader, Hence treat everyone with respect.

3) Responsibility

Your Team is your Responsibility, hence instead of blaming if things go wrong, stand still and accept your fault and move on with finding solutions, just don’t sit, crib or blame, just take responsibility and make people trust, because Everyone loves solution maker person, not  Blame gamer.

4) Doesn’t mean you know “ALL”

Being a leader Doesn’t mean you know everything, Hence the very important step for becoming a leader is to accept that Every individual you meet in this world will know something that you don’t, hence instead of taking it to your Ego, You must act wisely and should learn and improve, Every successful leader knows that gaining knowledge, learning and improving is a lifetime process it never ends, Hence be a wise leader and always Lead yourself towards improvement, only then you can lead others.

These were few techniques on “How To Be A Leader”. For more such great techniques do read Great Leadership Skills.

Thank You.

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