How Emotions Affect Decision Making

How Emotions Affect Decision Making

How Emotions Affect Decision Making? There is two type of emotions negative and positive, and these emotions have extreme effects on our health and decisions. Research shows and even scientist now know that positive thoughts feelings and mindset has healing effects on the body. Every small and big disease and illness get healed through a positive mindset, emotions and feelings. A person positive mindset can influence immunity rate at which a person can heal from injuries and illness. Negative Emotions not only affects our health but also our emotions. We all know that we people are emotional creatures and most of the time we don’t make decisions logically but emotionally and thus decisions taken emotionally can create a lot of mess in our lives and can also screw our decisions.

When I talk about health there are several things which are under your control such as Not smoking or drinking alcohol, you should commit yourself to exercise and meditation, and should follow quality diet and lastly you should walk the path of optimism, these things you can do and its under your control and for this you need to be focused because as it says health is wealth. When you have good health you can have lots of wealth, But people usually get influenced by negative emotions and destroy their health. Research shows that negative emotions such as Sadness, anxiety, overexcitement and stress can cause a spike in the hormones cortisol which in turn forces immune system.

Today I will How Emotions Affect Decision Making and things you should do to maintain your health. You can read here to know about List of Emotions.

So let’s begin:

Part 1: How Emotions Affect Decision Making

1. Anger and Embarrassment

A decision taken on the basis of intense emotions can disturb your life badly. Usually, we people take wrong decisions under the influence of anger and embarrassment. Under negative emotions, we take decisions emotionally not logically and these decisions are often wrong, hence we must take a decision after overcoming those negative emotions.

For example, I have seen people making their life biggest decision under the influence of their emotions such as marriage decision, such as job decision business decision. These decisions should be taken logically because your entire life depends on it, hence be careful and logical with such decisions, otherwise, a temporary negative emotion can give you long time regret and guilt.

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2. Sadness

Research shows under the influence of sadness(negative) emotions we usually set our goals very low,  we start keeping low expectations from ourselves and this low expectation will eventually prevent us from reaching our greatest potential.

For example, Suppose there is a person who is looking out for a job but due to some reason fail to get, with this that person starts feeling sad and low and through all this that person start feeling that maybe I am not capable of high profile jobs and should settle with some low profile jobs, this negative emotion influenced him and force him to settle for small and prevent him from his actual potential, this might not be the ideal or best example but yes research shows that the person who feel upset and sad usually set their goals very low and reason for this , is they feel that low goals are easy to achieve and after accomplishment of those goals they might feel good.

But these temporary emotions are preventing you from your actual potential hence don’t allow your emotions to influence you.

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3. Over-excitement

Over-excitement can force you to make wrong decisions, chances of over excitement happen during the time of happiness.

For example, at the time of marriage or festivals, people are usually emotionally charged and hence they do not think much about money and they are ready to pay more hence marketers and retailers take advantage of it, the reason why big stores use bright lights so that people find their dresses more attractive and get overexcited and do not think twice and buy it at the same price without any bargain. Here I am not saying that you shouldn’t feel happy or excited here I am saying don’t allow your negative over excitement influence you and don’t allow that emotion to make a decision on your behalf, be happy and excited but also be logical and rational.

Emotions play a vital role hence be attentive about your emotions,  understand your emotions and recognize your feelings understand how your feelings emotions influence you and ones you understand it you will able to control it, for example, when you feel sad and upset instead of thinking too low and bad about yourself and others try to change your mood, lie to yourself that nope I have feeling great and things are superb around me and this lie will become real and you will actually start feeling good, try it, it works

Here I am not saying you to lie for wrong reasons, but saying you to lie so that you convert that bad emotions and feelings to positive and good.

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This is the end of “How Emotions Affect Decision Making”.

Part 2: Things you should do to maintain your health

1. Express yourself

Whether you write it down or you share with your closed ones just express your feelings, this thing will make you feel good and satisfied, research shows healthy person are more happy and satisfied because they don’t keep bad and negative emotions inside them instead they share it and they overcome it, people who keep emotions inside them those who hide their feelings usually suffer physically, hence express yourself by writing or through sharing just express you and your feelings.

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2. Meditate and exercise

I say this many times reason because it’s really important and it actually works, meditation exercise keeps you healthy mentally and physically and keeps you away from negative thoughts and emotions, and helps you to control your emotions.

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3. Take support hand

don’t be shy or embarrassed take your friend help and support at the times of bad emotion influence, you feel sad depressed or nervous take your loved ones help, don’t have a misconception that people who seek help they are weak, no that’s not true, people who ask for help when needed have strength and courage to accept that yes they are human and they need help and support, asking help is weakness is a myth and very stupid.

Hence never be shy or embarrassed, support care and love help person to improve, love and care help a person to stay stable and strong even in the worst time and days.

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4. Always look on the bright side

As it says always try to find good in every situation, I know sometimes it can be difficult but do trust me when you learn to see bright in every situation you will learn the actual meaning of life and happiness, you should always count your blessings. And whenever feel sad about your life and situations do think about the people who are inferior to you, if you want to become successful look to your superior they will inspire you and if you feel upset about your life to look your inferior they will motivate you.

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