5 Tips To Handle Stress

5 Tips To Handle Stress (with Stress Reduction Techniques)

How to Handle Stress?

1. Don’t Rush
2. Learn To Plan
3. Enjoy Your Life
4. Exercise and Meditate
5. Mindfulness

Feeling stressed in today’s society is very normal. We live in a fast-growing and changing world. Every second, thing change, technology changes. No one wants to stay behind, every individual wants to grab opportunities and want to stay at the top. Everybody beliefs that one’s work is terribly important and this belief is the reason behind nervous breakdown and stress, working hard towards your dream is absolutely right, but forgetting about “ME” Time, forgetting about peaceful relaxation time is not at all right, Just like our body even our brain needs peace and relaxation, our mind deserves some peaceful time, Reason behind stressful life is that people don’t understand the importance of balance life, every individual should learn to balance their life, Life is not only about work, life is more than that, life is  about your personal time, life is about your family time, life is about your quality time with your partner.

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Every individual faces some kind of difficulties in their life, everyone struggles, it’s normal, life without obstacles or difficulties is just a myth, everyone has some kind of difficulties and problems in their lives, even successful people face difficulties, problems, but successful people are able to become successful because they don’t convert those problems in to stress, they fight with difficulties and move on towards their dream, they deal with their problems and handle stress, Hence if you want to become successful than you must learn to handle your stress, you must understand the importance of balance life and importance of important work.

Sometimes your me time is the most important thing and you must not consider your me time as waste of time, Watching clouds, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer day or any day is by no means a waste of time, Your Me Time gives your brain peace and relaxation and this peaceful time makes your mind fresh and energetic, this energy helps your brain to work hard faster and better. The reason I am saying to balance your life because many times people only focus on their work life and our life is not limited to work.

We have family, friends and social life and everything must be balanced properly, because the more you are balanced the more nicely you will handle your stress, Stress isn’t limited to work life, it can affect personal life too, hence you must handle stress properly and very carefully, you must learn to handle stressors as well, Many a times even people can be the reason behind your stress, people around you always giving you negative vibes, always degrading you, criticizing you, In order to handle such stress you just need to believe in yourself, you need to understand your potential and capability, you need to take a break from such stressors, there are many people out there who always love to criticize people, because they love to do that, but you should avoid such people, you should be open towards feedback and should ignore criticism, This way you will handle negative people who are the reason behind your stress, this way you will handle stress properly.

Today will share few tips which will help you to handle stress:

1. Don’t Rush

Many times the reason behind stress is Multi -tasking, we try to finish everything in a day or in few hours, and when we fail to do so, we start feeling stressed, hence it will be better if we just do one thing, one important thing at a time, when we focus on one important work then this thing will improve our work quality and also help us to feel relaxed and productive, this feeling will make us motivated and this is how will able to complete our task on daily basis, and suppose if you need to finish several works in a day, means if you have to do multi work in a day then don’t waste your time on stressing how you’ll do it and what to do first, just grab a book and pen and make your list, plan your day and work accordingly and while planning also plan what treats and punishment you’ll give to yourself, if you work as per plan and if you fail to work as per plan, this will motivate you and help you to handle your stress properly.

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2. Learn To Plan

You need to plan daily, planning will clear your confusion and also work as a reminder and remember don’t overload your plan or list, write down only important work which needs to be done before a deadline, don’t write everything for a day, write as per your potential and capability and also give yourself some naps and break time, because mind and body both needs break for few minutes again don’t stretch your nap or break time for too long, because taking naps and break time for long duration can make you lazy hence take few minutes break and then again start working as per your plan.

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3. Enjoy Your Life

Your mind needs some relaxation time hence go out with friends family, have some me time, sit quiet read your favorite book or listen to good music which energize your mind and soul, the more relaxed and peaceful your mind and body will feel, the more productive you are able to be in your work, hence never consider enjoyment time or me time as a waste of time, because it will make you more productive and productivity will give you no stress and this way you’ll be able to handle your stress properly, remember as I always say that anything extra ruins the taste, hence enjoyment time should be limited, you must plan your weekends and holidays properly.

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4. Exercise and Meditate

As we all know that well-nourished body and well-maintained mind are better prepared to cope with stress, hence do physical activity and meditation daily, set a time for your body and mind health, regular exercise and meditation does wonders for releasing pent-up stress and tension, hence the very easy way to handle your stress is to do regular exercise and meditation, it’s not compulsory to do it for an hour, you can remove few minutes daily for your physical and mental health.

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5. Mindfulness

Enjoy your present, stay in the moment, because same time will never come again, hence understand the value of present, always remember that you can learn from your past and your present moment has the capability to make your good future, hence never ruin your present moment just by thinking about past and by worrying about your future, live your today, plan your today properly because your today can make your tomorrow better, hence understand the value of today (present), because your proper today will help you to handle your future stress properly.

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No Doubt Life is Unpredictable, but you can do a lot about it, God has given us free will, we have potential and capabilities to change our destiny, make right choices take proper decisions and actions, Making right decision always can be difficult hence instead of taking stress about it, learn from past mistakes and live in present, never get discourage, always believe in yourself and never afraid to change, especially when that change is taking you closer to your success journey,  Everyone struggles and faces difficulties, most of the people get stressed because of such difficulties only very few people fight with obstacles and handle their every stress properly, those few people rule the world, hence if you want to be successful then learn to handle stress, because when you can’t handle stress then you can’t face success, stress is normal, but quitting and allowing that stress to influence your life and emotions is not normal, hence learn to handle stress, fight like a warrior.

Thank You.

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