Characteristics Of Learning

Characteristics Of Learning

What are the characteristics of learning?

1. Be Curious
2. Have a focus on self-improvement
3. Effective learner knows things can’t be easy
4. Effective learners always have A question
5. Learning + implementation = success

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Every successful person understands the importance of effective learning. They know how learning improves them and take them ahead in life. They know that regular learning makes them confident and gives them wisdom which helps them to maintain their position. Even we all should understand that learning new things and gaining knowledge is really very vital in this busy world. If you believe that learning doesn’t give any benefit and its ok to stay on that same learning throughout your life then it’s nothing but just your wrong believe because we live in a busy world where everything changes in just a second. New technology comes every day. Life is changing, world is changing, and you staying in that same old learning will not help you to grow. Things grow fast in this busy world. Hence even you need to upgrade yourself constantly to stay relevant.

Every successful person upgrades themselves. They never discourage the importance of learning. They know that their continuous and regular learning will help them to grow and maintain their position. Every successful person knows that what made them successful earlier doesn’t mean that same learning will help them to maintain their position. They know that they need to upgrade their learning every now and then in order to stay successful and happy.

For example, earlier people who knew to work on typewriters were considered as a very intelligent person and they used to get good jobs in good companies but now typewriters are hardly used. Here reason for this example is that life changes, world changes, people changes. Earlier people who knew to work on typewriters if they would have stayed in that same learning pattern, in that same learning skill then they wouldn’t have survived till now. Hence upgrading yourself as per changing world is not bad. It will enhance your learning skill and will make you more effective.

Changing learning as per changing world and technology will always work in your favor. Effective learners are those who never fear to change because they know that changing learning skill will only make them effective learner and effective learners never fail in the changing world. Effective learners have few unique characteristics in them. There are certain characteristics which make learner an effective learner.  Effective learners always believe in learning. They know that learning gives knowledge and knowledge gives wisdom and having knowledge will never let them down. Effective learner knows that learning will always keep them ahead and always help them to maintain their successful position.

If you believe that effective learners are born talented then this is again your wrong believe because even you can become an effective learner. To be an effective learner you just need to have some simple characteristics of learning. These simple characteristic will always help. This characteristic is for every individual, because every individual whether you are a student, businessman, working in any job or firm or a teacher or a housewife, learning is something which always helps you in every aspect of your life. Hence never discourage the importance of effective learning and always have characteristics of the effective learner within you.

Characteristics Of Learning 1. Be Curious

To be an effective learner, you need to be curious, you need to be curious about everything,  you should wonder about all sorts of things, you need to think out of the box, you don’t have to follow stereotype believes and thinking, you need to think about things way beyond their areas of expertise, curiosity makes the huge difference in the process of learning, usually curious people come up with a solution and with something new,  if you stay curious you will enjoy learning, don’t just understand or learn things for the sake of applause or marks or for good grades, understand and learn things because you are curious about it, because you want to have detailed knowledge about it, this curiosity will make you an effective learner.

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Characteristics Of Learning 2. Have a focus on self-improvement

To be an effective learner, a person should be process oriented, means instead of focusing on the end result you must focus on the process of getting better. For example, instead of worrying about how you will perform on stage, you should focus on the  process, like you should focus on your dance moves, your techniques, how you will synchronize and you should practice a lot in order to improve your process, When your process becomes perfect your final end result also comes perfectly. Hence always be process-oriented in order to get the best outcome or end result.

People who are process oriented usually those people are less frustrated and disappointed in their lives because they work hard in their process, so they usually stay sure about their good end results, they usually focus on things which are important, people with process-oriented mindset usually have a lot of patience, and they have “never quit” mentality.

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Characteristics Of Learning 3. Effective learner knows things can’t be easy

To be an effective learner, you must understand that learning can’t always be easy or fun, sometimes it can be boring and still it requires your attention, but once you understand that, learning will help you in your success, life and in the real world, then you will never discourage the importance of learning, you need to know that learning can be boring sometimes, but it will always be very helpful in your life which will add a lot of meaningful and useful lessons and experiences in your life which will always take you ahead.

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Characteristics Of Learning 4. Effective learners always have A question

In order to become an effective learner you should never run out of questions, this is somewhat related to curiosity, you must always ask “how” “why” kind of questions in order to have detailed knowledge about a particular subject or field, You must know that you can’t know everything, an effective learner knows that every person in this world knows something you don’t hence always learn from others and never let go an opportunity to learn something new, This world and every individual in this world will give you some kind of learning and knowledge, hence always stay open towards new learning, no matter where it comes just be open.

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Characteristics Of Learning 5. Learning + implementation = success

To learn something properly and completely you must implement that learning. You need to apply what you learn. You should understand that you can’t learn everything but you can learn something which is really important and beneficial for you, have detailed knowledge about particular subjects, instead of learning everything, learn few things but completely. Learn things which are really important and beneficial to you. Learn few things that you want to learn deeper and then apply that learning.

Always remember you are not only required acknowledging knowledge but you should always keep that knowledge in mind. Hence always retain it and implement that learning in the real world.

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