5 Key Factors to Write an Awesome Blog Post

5 Key Factors to Write an Awesome Blog Post

What is Blog?

A blog is a type of website which mainly focuses on written content. You can write a blog on any topic or genre, or just about any topic imaginable. Through Blog posts, you are supposed to engage with people. You are supposed to share the content which makes audiences either informed or aware of anything, you can write blog posts to share knowledge and wisdom with audiences. Hence, what blog posts you should write totally depends on your interest.

Common Misconception:

There is a huge misconception amongst people, that in order to write blog posts you are supposed to be a very great writer. But to be very frank, Audiences- many people read blog posts to get a personal perspective on things. Therefore there is no need to be a great writer to start a blog post, what actually needed is that you should start writing instead of just thinking.

Writing a blog post is somewhat like driving. You can study the high way code- means you can see many blog post in order to see how to write blogs. But nothing can prepare you for the real thing like getting behind the wheel and hitting the real road. Instead of just focusing on theoretical things, you should opt for Practicality. You are supposed to wake up from your thinking mode and get into the action mode. Start writing Instead of just buzzing around the misconceptions.

People think that in order to write blog posts you need to be an expert in any particular field, no. That’s not true. You can write on the topic in which you have an interest, through blogs, you can share your opinions, your feelings, and your experiences. Audiences want to see your personal perspective. for example: If someone writes blogs related to food or any dishes, then they aren’t supposed to read food scientific books, because audiences want to read their actual experience, what mistakes they’ve made while cooking, how they overcome them. Because in reality, nothing is perfect

In order to engage with audiences, you are not supposed to be an expert or a great writer, instead, you are supposed to be true to them about your opinions experiences and you should have a passion towards the topic you share with them, because your interest and passion towards the topic will keep them engaged and connected.

Important Note:

There is a certain format which you must follow in order to make your post look more engaging, inviting and user-friendly. We all know that even the best article fails, if it doesn’t look inviting, appealing and user-friendly. Your blog appearance should talk about your content. For example, Good font matters, explanation matter, examples, stories, etc. Choosing a good topic needs a proper explanation, only then it will reach to the audiences. You can’t write things abruptly, you need to be precise on point with proper format.

Let me share five steps with you which will help you to write an awesome blog post.

1) Objective

The very first step is planning. You are supposed to plan your blog post by choosing a topic (a topic that interests you) for example: if you like sharing knowledge then in which field you love to share knowledge-business, science, history, etc. then you are supposed to create an outline, then checking facts and conducting research (research as per your topic).

2) Create an Outline

You are supposed to create captivating catching headlines which will catch viewer’s attention and can also use Sub-headers. Means you should write all the things in one paragraph. Use different paragraphs and sub-headers inside it.

3) Don’t think

As I have said that you don’t need to be an expert or a great writer to write a blog post, but another thing you should keep in mind that Great blog post doesn’t just happen, Even the best bloggers decide before going on board, they draw a rough idea, so that they don’t get confused about what to write and how to start.

4) Extra work

Use proper images, use stories (can share your story and experiences), examples so that it attracts viewers attention. As we all know that humans are more attracted to great stories, examples and beautiful photos. Hence to make your post look appealing, don’t overuse photos in your post. Because anything extra ruins the taste, know to balance your work.

5) Final cut

After writing a blog post, do self-editing or make others read your work, someone whom you trust. Proofreading and editing are must, never share a blog on site before self-editing. Because editing helps you to avoid small mistakes which usually happens while writing. For example, I will not be ashamed to say that yes I too make mistakes while writing a blog post, and it is very common, therefore try to correct them before you upload it on your website.

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This is the end of Key Factors to Write an Awesome Blog Post. Do comment and share your views.

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