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10 Crazy Sleep Facts That You Should Know

Sleeping. A thing that we all do. Your sleep and your life span, i.e. how many years you’re going to live, there’s a relation between them, too. Not only this. There are many facts related to ‘sleep‘ that will shock you. And in today’s article, I will talk about ten such facts.

1. 1/3 Of Your Life Is Spent Sleeping

Let’s do a simple calculation.

Total spent sleeping8*360*75 = 219000hrs or 25yrs

So in your lifespan of 75 years, you’ll spend 25 years just sleeping.

2. Sleep Is Essential For Memories

Sleep is essential for your cognitive learning. Sleep is vital because, without this, your brain has difficulties absorbing new information. According to research, you’ll start forgetting things if you don’t sleep for many hours. And that’s why, when you study overnight a day before exams, you may perform well in exams, but in the longer run, you won’t remember anything.

3. Sleep Sufficient And Live More

If you sleep 6-7 hours a day, you will stay alive for more years. Donald Trump wrote in one of his books, ” Successful people like Donald Trump and Elon Musk have said that they don’t sleep for more than 6 hours.

A study also said that you are more productive if you only sleep for 6-7 hours. According to a report by Time Magazine, People who sleep very less and people who sleep a lot, for more than 8 hours, have more chances of dying. So, friends, our mom says the right thing: you shouldn’t just sleep all day.

4. Hypnic Jerk

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sleeping and see in your dreams that you’re falling from somewhere.

That is, jerking moments like this in sleep are very common. Scientists call this the ‘Hypnic Jerk.’ This is the same thing when you’re asleep and suddenly wake up. It feels like a jerk. And there are many reasons for this. That happens when you drink a lot of coffee.

5. Sleepwalking

In 1987, Kenneth Parks sat in his car and travelled for 20km to visit his mother-in-law. There, he killed his mother-in-law, went to the police station, and said, ‘ I might have killed someone.’ The shocking thing is he didn’t get any punishment for his crime because he was sleepwalking.

And this whole mess was made by him while he was asleep. Doctors call this ‘Somnambulism.’ This is a medical condition that happens when you’re sleep deprived, you’re under stress, or when you’ve taken a medical drug. You can tackle this if you fix your sleep schedule and control your stress.

6. Man Is The Only Mammal That Can Delay Sleep

During exams, drinking coffee to delay our sleep to study more, we all have tried this. Also, at the same time, humans are the only mammals that need less sleep.

Comparatively, other mammals sleep much more than us. And the credit for this goes to evolution. As humans started evolving, our sleeping requirements also started reducing. Especially in adults. Do you know?

Dolphins and Whales they’re asleep and awake at the same time. Half of their brain is asleep, while half of it is awake. They’re in a semi-conscious state of mind.

7. We Forget Our Dreams Quickly

Have you ever dreamt of something that you felt it’s real?

Many times we can’t differentiate between reality and dreams. Doctors believe that our brain is very clever.

When it sees an intense dream and thinks it will trouble our reality and create confusion between our dream and reality, our brain tries to forget that dream.

8. Adequate Sleep = Less Pain

If you don’t get adequate sleep, then the chances of you feeling more pain increase. Similarly, if you sleep properly, your body will have less inflammation, and you can get well sooner.

9. We Move Our Eyes In Our Sleep

Our sleep is divided into two stages;

  • REM Stage = Rapid Eye Movement
  • NREM Stage = Non-Rapid Eye Movement

Our eyes move in REM sleep. And this is the stage where we dream. So if a person is sleeping and you see that their eyes are moving, they are in the REM sleep stage and dreaming.

10. Blind People Also Dream

Our dreams are very similar to our real-life incidents. But what do blind people see in their dreams?

According to research, blind people’s dreams are very different from ordinary people. In their dreams, they mostly notice food or animals. They hear the animal’s sound and feel the food’s taste. But at the same time, research also says that blind people experience nightmares relatively more.

So, guys, these were our Top 10 Facts About Sleep.

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